The New Toyota Yaris 2017 – Heavy for Exploring UAE


With a beautiful “winter” weather outside, adventures around UAE are on everyone’s list. So, in the video above you can get a first hand experience from a few youngsters experience while testing the new Toyota Yaris 2017 on UAE’s roads.

Worries left behind, the new Toyota Yaris sedan seem perfect – extremely safe, comfortable and easy on the pocket. It is now on the market and with plenty of color options, suitable to nearly everyone’s style and mission.

In its promotional video Toyota is showcasing the new sedan’s flexibility and potential by aligning with a regional social media influencer iFahad600. this is an interesting digital content in a storytelling format – focusing on Fahad & his friends, the fun things they get up to & pranks they play on each other.

On the backdrop you can see unique UAE’s sceneries, while in the same time the manufacturer underlines the capabilities of its new car without advertising slogans.

· Long Road – is about fuel efficiency, Fahad’s friends try to prank him by filling only half his tank but he turns the tables by sending them on the wrong route & still reaches his destination before them despite having only half the tank of fuel.

· Jalsa – is about car agility. Fahad’s friends making fun of his driving style because he seems to be driving too slow to suit them. However he turns the tables on them by taking them through a driving course set-up & shows the agility of the car.

· Heavy Weights – is about power. Fahad’s friends try to prank him by filling the trunks with gym weights without Fahad knowing. However he figures it out & makes them carry their own weights before letting them back into the car.

Altogether, this is a funny short promotional video that is also quite convincing.

If you are intrigued, head to the nearest Toyota showroom for a test drive to get first hand experience.


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