Top 3 Best Selling Smartwatches


According to Amazon’s Bestsellers List featuring the most bought smartwatches in recent times, the Apple Watch SportFitbit Blaze and Samsung Gear Fit2 emerge as the most popular smart timepieces. All of them are fully loaded with options and you can get really confused when it comes to choosing the best for you.


Samsung Gear Fit2, available for $147, is the second generation of fitness bracelet with curved super amoled screen. The design vividly recalls that smart bracelet is designed especially for  athletes. The strap is made of rubber. On the left side of the  bracelet  there are  buttons. The top, which is slightly larger, serves to return to the previous menu. The other acts as a Home button returning to  the Home screen. Samsung Gear Fit2 battery has a capacity of 200mAh, which ensures five days operation on standby and up to 3-4 days normal use. The more important specifications are: a built-in GPS that tracks the route, distance and speed in real-time;  sensor  reading  your  heart rhythm, allowing non-stop monitoring of your condition; and tracker that automatically identifies the type of the activity  without  need to switch to sports mode. Furthermore, the GEAR FIT 2  is  supplied with curved Super AMOLED screen 51,2×24,5 mm, TIZEN operating system, 1GHz dual- core processor, RAM memory of  512 MB and 4,5 GB  internal memory .

Fitbit Blaze, available for $198, is a fitness watch that represents the latest in wearable technology. It is designed to help you to improve every day your physical condition. The smartwatch has very special new generation features such as Pure Pulse continuous heart rate, Connected GPS and Fit Star workouts. Fitbit Blaze syncs automatically and wirelessly to 200+ leading iOS, Android and Windows devices using Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology.

apple-watch-sportThe 42mm, $288 Apple Watch Sport is from the latest generation and it aims to make you feel indescribable pleasure while you are wearing it. It shows the time to within 50 milliseconds of accuracy and all the time is keeping  you in touch with  the people you love. The Apple smartwatches, however, don’t offer all of the Apple iPhone’s innovative applications. The company has endeavored to create a great addition to make possible the smarter and safer  use of the phone. As the watch contains a speaker, you just need to connect it with your smart phone- and done! So, if you are accustomed to Apple’s ecosystem, this is the choice that is right for you.


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