Food habits – Fasting respondents only

Generally speaking, there are no drastic changes to respondents’ eating habits during Ramadan. The majority claim they eat the same amount (44%), eat the same food (49%) and maintain the same weight (57%). A minority claim theygain weight (17%), eat less healthy food (11%) or eat more (15%) during their days of fast.Encouragingly a significant proportion of those who fast claim they find it easy to do so(62%).

The most popular food and drink to have at Suhour is fruit (44%) followed by yogurt (42%). The most popular drink is water (34%) followed by juice (10%). Respondents prefer to start the day with a healthy meal before fasting with just 12% claiming they eat fast food at Suhour.

Considering fasting respondents tend to spend more time with family during Ramadan, there is no surprise, the majority prefer to break their fast at home (87%). The most popular food and drink to break their fast with is dates (60%) and water (18%).

Food habits – both fasting and non-fasting respondents only

Ramadan restaurant deals don’t appear to be popular amongst both fasting and non-fasting respondents, with 45% claiming they won’t be using any Iftar or Suhour deals this year.

When it comes to eating out, the sample was split with just over a third equally claimingthey don’t eatout more (38%), and a third claiming they do (33%). 29% claim their eating out habits don’tchange at all during Ramadan


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