Apple Watch Official UAE Release on the Way


The question on local tech geeks’ minds nowadays is “When will the Apple Watch will be available in the nearest store?” Currently, the company’s wearable is officially available in just nine countries. Even though the innovative gadget is available for consumers all over the world, including some in the UAE, through the grey market, the price of units distributed unofficially to other countries is almost sky-high. Luckily, it seems that the wait will soon be over, as Apple Watch is heading to UAE and other markets rather sooner than later.

During Apple’s quarter two earnings call, Tim Cook, the company’s CEO shared that the release of Apple Watch devices in more markets may be just around the corner. Cook stated that the technology giant is aiming at launching the product in more countries by late June, 2015.

Unfortunately, Tim Cook did not provide details in which countries the gadget will be released next. Given that the initial launch of the wearable was more limited than expected, Apple may decide to follow a similar strategy for the product’s second launch wave.

There is a high possibility that the United Arab Emirates will be among the countries that will get a pre-summer Apple Watch release. The official Apple Store for the UAE lists the smartwatch in its products’ catalogue since its announcement in the fall of 2014.

Even though Apple still has not revealed any figures on the sales, it seems that the demand for the wearable has exceeded the company’s expectations. During the technology giant’s Q2 earnings call, Cook also admitted that there is currently an imbalance between the device’s demand and supply. He also shared that the company was doing its best to “remedy that.”

He added that consumers are already offered to choose from a catalogue of over 3,500 applications. Compared to the apps available for both iPhone and iPad at their launch, this number is far more impressive.


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