Apple Watch Price Falls Under $200


If you are among the consumers who believe that Apple Watch’s price is too high, you may be interested to learn that the gadget will get a huge price cut upon its release at the Apple Store. The company is said to slash the price tag of its first wearable by 50%. This means that the smartwatch will be available for less than $200. The only problem is that this offer will not be available for everyone.

Apple WatchJust days before the smartwatch’s debut on the market, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook sent out a memo to the company’s employees in which he expressed his gratitude to everyone who was involved in the development of the Apple Watch. In it, Cook also announced that the gadget is now ready to ship. The emails also contained some delightful news. Namely, that Apple will give all of its employees a big discount on the Apple Watch.

Cook shared that Apple employees will be able to purchase the aluminum sport and stainless steel editions of the device at a half price. Given that the most basic Apple Watch model starts at $349, people who work for the U.S. company will be able to buy it for barely $174.5.

Apple Gold WatchEven the gold edition of the Apple Watch will be available at a special price for Apple employees. Still, it will be rather modest discount compared to 50% cut on the regular editions. Employees who want to invest in the premium version of the wearable will have the chance to save $550. With a starting price of $10,000 that would hardly make the gold Apple Watch affordable. Nevertheless, given that Apple rarely slashes the prices of its newly-released products (even during the holiday shopping season), that is a true bargain.

However, the discounts will initially be available only for Apple employees who work in the nine countries where the Apple Watch is set to arrive in a few days. In his memo, Tim Cook assures that the company’s Employee Purchase Plan will reach more countries in the near future. Also, employee discounts will be limited-time only. The offer will stand for 90 days after the wearable becomes available on the given market.

In a second memo, Cook also shared that over one thousand of Apple Watch apps have already been submitted for approval. That is an impressive number given that Apple started accepting application submissions just one week ago. Yet, the CEO does not reveal how much of them will actually make their way to the Apple Watch upon its release.

Apple Watch pre-orders kick off this Friday (April 11) and the device will start shipping on April 24. Initially, the gadget will be launched in just nine countries. The United Arab Emirates is not among them. Despite that, the UAE Apple Store states that the smartwatch will arrive in the country by the end of 2015.