Release of Next iPad Delayed


iPad Pro rumours are heating up, but the device is nowhere near ready. According to recent reports, Apple will delay the launch of its next-generation iPad. The tech giant now targets a different breed of consumers.

Both The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg published reports revealing that Apple is way behind schedule with the production of its next iPad. According to both sources, the supply of the display panels of the tablet have been greatly delayed. As a result, Apple will start the production of iPad Pro will start in September, which means that the next iPad will be announced in October at the earliest… or even after the holiday season!

According to the WSJ, the U.S. technology giant still has not decided which features to include in the final product. In addition to that, Apple is yet to decide on the gadget’s design. Rumours suggest that the company is considering adding a series of ports to the tablet. Through them, consumers will be able to attach a keyboard or a mouse to their iPad. In other words, iPad Pro might erase the gap between tablet and PC.

Previous rumours suggest that the Apple’s next-generation tablet PC will be called iPad Pro and it will rock a 12.9” screen. Also, the gadget is said to come with a more robust hardware, improved multitasking and new productivity features. Since the device will target business users, it is may also include a decent list of business-focused tools.

It is expected that Apple will make the gadget different from its predecessors in an attempt to improve its declining iPad sales. The device’s sales are expected to continue to go down mainly because of Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus. The handset’s screen size of 5.5” makes iPads a less attractive options for consumers who are willing to opt for a phablet.

The declining sales may also be the main reason behind Apple’s decision to release a Pro version of its iPad. According to IHS Technology, tablet sales continue to be stable for business and governmental clients. It is estimated that the business demand for tablet PCs will continue to increase over the next few years. HIS Technology predicts that businesses will purchase about 101 million tablet units in 2018. In comparison, in 2013, they invested just 19 million in such devices.

If Apple is not really targeting the mass consumer, this could mean that it will not be concerned by any possible delay in iPad Pro’s release. Even if the device does not arrive in time for the holiday season, the gadget’s sales will not drop since they will rely mainly on corporate consumers’ interest in the product.


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