No Apple Watch in UAE Soon


Earlier this week, Apple revealed more details about its Apple Watch. The wearable will be launched on April 24. However, consumers will be able to pre-order it starting April 10, but not at UAE’ official Apple Store. Unfortunately, the device will be released only in nine countries and the United Arab Emirates is not among them.

Apple Watch UAE Availability

Aple WatchThe good news is that the company plans to introduce the smartwatch to more markets at some point in the rather near future. UAE’s Apple Store already lists a rich variety of  models of the Apple Watch. Even though consumers from the country are still not able to order it or view its local pricing, they are notified that the product will be available in 2015. Therefore, this suggests that the Apple Watch will probably be released in UAE in the coming six months.

As for the price of the gold Apple Watch, U.S. consumers would need to prepare at least $10,000. Therefore, if and when the device arrives in the UAE, its starting price will be somewhere around AED 36,700 – AED 36,800. However, the premium edition of this smartwatch can reach up to AED 62,440. However, given that Dubai is the city where gold iPad and iPhone 6 were launched, there will certainly be a hype when the Apple Watch arrives.

New MacBook

Although the Apple Watch availability in UAE is still under question, the new MacBook will be available in the country on April 10. Its price will start at AED 5,199 and reach up to AED 6,299. However, students and teachers can get it for a better price if they order it from the UAE Apple Store for Education. There, the device starts at just AED 4,887. In addition to that, consumers will benefit form a free delivery to their home.

Updated MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

Apple has also updated its 13” MacBook Pro with a new Force Touch trackpad, a fifth-generation Core i5 and i7 processors with Turbo Boost Speeds of up to 3.4GHz. The device also packs a two times faster flash and integrated Intel Iris Graphics 6100. And if that was not enough, the 13” MacBook Pro will not offer 10 hours of battery life. UAE shoppers can already purchase the product from the UAE Apple Store for a starting price of AED 5,199.

The same goes for the 11” and 13” MacBook Air. Apple has added a series of neat update to the device that include a fifth-generation i5 and i7 processors and Thunderbolt 2. The updated MacBook Air also features an Intel HD Graphics 6000. Consumers shopping from the UAE can now order the 11” MacBook Air for AED 3,599, while the 13” model will cost them AED 3,999.

Again, students and teachers living in the United Arab Emirates can order the updated MacBooks from the Apple Store for Education on more attractive prices. The improved MacBook Pro will cost you just AED 4,887 if ordered from there, whereas the 11” MacBook Air is priced at barely AED 3,383. It bigger 13” brother comes with a starting price of AED 3,759.


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