A Few New Apple Products Might Be Revealed Today

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Later today, Apple will host a press event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theatre in San Francisco, U.S.A. Until this moment, the company didn’t disclose its plans to launch new products and services. Nevertheless, if we take into account the tech giant’s products launch cycle and some recent media reports, it is not hard to predict the announcement of a few hotly anticipated new editions to the company’s catalog.

Apple Watch

Aple WatchEven though the tech giant officially unveiled its Apple Watch back in September 2014, still did not provide many details about the pricing strategy, regional availability and, above all, a full description of the gadget’s functions.

In recent months, the market for wearable devices looks increasingly overcrowded, given the still somewhat weak popularity of wearable devices. Therefore, Apple will certainly offer a significant number of reasons why the Apple Watch is a smart investment. This means that the company may announce new features that have been kept secret until now. Also, you can bet that the tech giant will demonstrate various apps for its first smartwatch. Hopefully, consumers will consider other more important details about the Apple Watch, like the pricing and battery life.

iOS Update

The smartwatch will be compatible with iOS 8.2. This means that Apple will probably unveil an improved mobile operating system along with the smartwatch. However, if you are now planning to getting the company’s first wearable, this news would make almost no difference for you. The new version of iOS is expected to focus more on the Apple Watch and to offer just a few minor bug fixes for iPhone and iPad users

MacBook Air with Retina Display

Apple might also release a MacBook Air with Retina Display. Although MacBook Pro uses the company’s Retina Display technology since 2012, the Air lineup is still relying on older-generation screens. If it wasn’t for the device’s slim and light profile, it would have become outdated long ago. According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Apple will launch a 12” Retina MacBook Air in the upcoming months. Sources revealed that the device will be as portable as a tablet, yet powerful like a gaming computer.

Apple TV Update

Another Apple product that might benefit from an update is Apple TV. The company’s set-top box has not been seen a major improvement in a while. Given the current rise on this market niche, Apple is due to make a move now. The Apple TV update will probably focus more on content rather than performance and features. Not long ago, Apple and HBO were reported to be holding joint talks. This suggests that the two companies might have teamed up. If that is the case, Apple TV consumer may soon be able to enjoy a standalone subscription to HBO. Rumour has it that it will come at the price of $15 per month starting next month. Even though the focus will be on content, Apple TV user should expect some hardware updates as well. The device may get a new slimmer designs and a 4K support.

Long Shots

Consumers are anticipating the announcement of a number of other Apple devices and services. One of them is the rumoured iPad Pro. However, the chances of seeing the device soon are rather slim. Various reports, published earlier this week revealed that Apple has delayed the announcement of its product for the very end of 2015.

How about a new iPod? Apple has not released a new iPad since 2012, when it rolled out the 5th generation iPod Touch and the 7th generation iPod Nano. The iPad Shuffle lineup has not been updated since 2010. What is not clear is whether Apple has any ambitions to revive the fame of its iPod. After all, music player sales have been declining for some time now. Moreover, they have become almost obsolete due to the increasing popularity of other gadgets like smartphones and tablets.

The ultimate surprise Apple can offer to its fans would be to confirm that it is working on an electric car. Still, that also seems to fall in the long-shot category.


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