Work on “Aladdin City” Begins Next Year


Originally announced last spring, Dubai’s new mega project “Aladdin City” is a 4,000-acre complex of towers, inspired by the characters from “1001 Nights”, including Aladdin and Sinbad. Last week, it was revealed construction work on the ambitious “Aladdin City” would begin next year.


The outrageous complex will be located in the Dubai Creek area and will comprise of three towers with 25, 26, and 34 stories, respectively that will be built over the water. According to the information, there will be a total of six towers, some of which will be in the shape of Aladdin’s magic lamp. The news about the launch of the project came last week from Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director-General of Dubai Municipality, who announced that construction would begin in 2016. Although he did not reveal the costs for the project, he confirmed that the Municipality has the funds to finance the project. So, why is “Aladdin City” so exciting, considering there are always new projects in Dubai?

Because the development is really amazing – the towers will be linked by air-conditioned bridges with “moving floors”, which we can only imagine, would resemble magic, flying carpets. The towers will have at least one hotel, offices and shopping areas, as well as parking lots for 900 cars. Dubai Creek, where the “Aladdin City” will be located, is well known for its wooden sailing boats and is now bidding for World Heritage status from UNESCO. However, the development is outside this area. In addition to the commercial space, there will be also 160,000 residential units – imagine how incredible it would be living in this futuristic complex, inspired at the same time from Arabic tales and legends.

The main passages will be designed to resemble exotic marine life and fantasy animals such as dragons. The outrageous project, which is certainly also an expensive one, already gained scrutiny because its proximity to Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, as well as the area that is expected to join the list UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


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