What Would Steve Jobs Say about Next iPad


Back in 2010, during an iPhone OS event, Steve Jobs stated that tablet’s that come with a stylus are simply not good enough. In his words, “if you see a stylus” with a tablet “they blew it.” A few geeks, however, now comment that Apple is planning to release a stylus pen for its next iPad. Will Apple blew it?

According to a recent report, Apple is planning to introduce a stylus for its very first iPad Pro device. It is believed that both the pen and the next-generation iPad will be released in the second half of 2015.

The reason behind this rumour is the fact that lately Apple seem to be preoccupied with stylus pens. The company filed a number of stylus-related patents. One of most recent of them was about an innovative stylus with an extendable multitouch nib equipped with a set of sensors for motion, light and others.

The iPad Pro is also said to have a big 12.9” screen, quite close to size of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3. With the new iPad stylus rumours, the resemblances between the upcoming iPad and the latest-generation of Surface Pro become one too many. According to the report, however, Apple’s stylus strategy is completely different from that of Microsoft. Analysts are confident that the Apple pen will be sold separately from iPad Pro so that the device can stay in a more reasonable price range.

So what advanced features will the iPad stylus pack? Based on the patents, which Apple has filed in the past, it can be predicted that the pen might have a gyroscope accelerometer that will enable users to write on surfaces different from the iPad and quite possibly in the air as well. In addition, the technology giant is also reported to be working on a stylus feature that enables 3D handwriting that, however, is not likely to be launched this year.

An iPad stylus certainly goes against Steve Jobs’ vision. Does that mean that Apple will truly “blew it?”  To answer this question we need to take into consideration a number of key factors. First, in general, iPad and tablet sales are falling and are not expected to start rising unless they offer something new or even revolutionary. A smart stylus might have such a potential. Secondly, the iPad pen might create a hunger for a new type of mobile apps, which would mean more opportunities for application developers and new additions in the App Store catalogue. Last, but not least, an iPad Pro will certainly target more corporate consumers, who generally prefer smart devices that support stylus features.

Clearly, the personal electronics’ market has greatly evolved since 2010. Some of the things that did not make sense back then, like phablets, have become a trend today. This means that many visions need to be reevaluated, including those of Steve Jobs. Therefore, Apple might be on the right track with the iPad stylus!


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