2015 Small Business Ideas


Organic Cosmetics Retailer

Organic cosmetic products have become a real craze among women these days, but they are hard to find and often more expensive than the rest. More than ever, ladies prefer natural and healthy alternatives to add to their lifestyle and they do not hesitate to spend. You can make the most of this emerging trend and become an organic cosmetics retailer. Some of the not that many, but already popular and established brands in the sector offer a great diversity of products at good prices. Therefore, your business will not be limited to only one type of a product, as you may find an example here.

Specialized Cafes

While specialized food stores are a hit at the moment, you can go one step ahead of your competition and open a specialized café. This trend is already popular in Asia where local coffee shops find it hard to compete against international brands like Starbucks. As a result, they try to offer consumers a brand new experience. If you want to open your own specialized café, you can play it safe and diversify your menu simply by adding some creative coffee-based beverages or baked products, including cakes. However, if you really want to stand out, you can take things even further and sell products like handcrafted jewelry, accessories or even candles. It would be best if you team up with small business owner that already has experience in the specialized products you intend to offer.


Make sure you select a specific niche of work – infants, pre-schoolers, elders and etc. You will also need to take a basic course on first aid in case of an emergency. Don’t forget to research the competition’s price rates. That will help you make your business a more attractive choice for clients. Here we have seen an inspirational video explaining how one stay at home mom of three started a preschool.

Although not all startup ideas will enjoy the same success rate in 2015. Still, it is best if you focus on a sphere in which you already have experience.


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