Apple Launched iTunes Gift Cards in UAE


Apple finally launched iTunes gift cards in the United Arab Emirates. The cards come in different denominations and can be purchased from a number of large retailers in the country. It is expected, with upcoming holiday season, that the iTunes gift cards will quickly gain popularity in the UAE.

Finally, UAE consumers can use gift cards to buy products from Apple’s UAE iTunes Store. In addition, according to the company’s official UAE website, the value of the cards can also be redeemed at its Mac App Store and App Store. Therefore, consumers will be able to purchase apps, films, music and other products from these Apple-branded shopping platforms.
The card will be offered in three denominations – AED 100, AED 250, as well as AED 500. For now, they can be purchased from three major retailer in the UAE – iStyles, Carrefour and Sharaf DG. Also, the cards can be redeemed only at the UAE version of the iTunes Store.

The UAE iTunes gift cards arrive just in time for the upcoming holiday season. Consumers may find them a suitable choice of present for their friends and family. In addition, parents are also predicted to be among the early buyers of the iTunes gift cards, since through them they can easily monitor and keep track of their kids’ online purchases. In addition to that, the iTunes store can enable them to set a monthly allowance for their children.

How to use iTunes gift cards in UAE?

You can buy an iTunes gift card from the above-mentioned retailers. Then, you can redeem its value in two ways – the first is through the iTunes Store, the second – through the code on the gift card. To follow the first method, you need to visit the UAE iTunes Store with your Mac, iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Scroll down to the very bottom of the web page and you will see an option “Redeem.” Select it and enter the card’s code. To use the second method, you just need to take a photo of the iTunes gift card with one of Apple’s devices (Mac, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad).

Unlike U.S. consumers, UAE shoppers will not be able to order an iTunes gift card from the Apple Store. Despite that, they will be able to send gifts directly from the UAE iTunes Store and App Store to their friends and family. Right next to each product from the catalogue of these stores, there is now an option called “Gift this.” Through it, they can choose the person they want to send it to as a present. The recipient will then receive an email informing him or her about the gift and with just one click, they can start downloading it to their own device.


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