Less than 100 Days until Black Friday 2014 – Be Prepared


There are less than 100 days until this year’s Black Friday. However, you can be sure that the holiday shopping season will kick off even before 28 November. Last year, many retailers organized pre-Black Friday shopping events and sales as early as the first week of November. This year, holiday deals are expected to start arriving around the last week of October. In other words, you do not rally have much time to get your finances in order. The sooner you start saving for the Black Friday 2014 shopping and all the other holiday-inspired spending, the better. If you do not know from where to start, here are a few tips that will certainly help you.

For whom are you shopping

The first thing you need to do is sit down and write a list of all the people that you want to surprise with Christmas gift. In that way you will be less likely to forget someone. In addition, you will be able to calculate your shopping budget. However, remember to add a few more bucks to the piggy bank in case you want to get something special for a new friend or colleague. In addition, the majority of Black Friday shoppers tend to buy more things for themselves than for their friends and family when bargain hunting. Therefore, you will need to set aside a decent sum for your personal shopping spree.

Decide what you will look for

Once you have a list of people you want to surprise for Christmas, you need to come up with specific present ideas. That will save you the trouble of doing last-minute gift shopping and it will help you to gift more thoughtful presents.

Save for holiday shopping

Start saving for Black Friday today! You do not need to go big yet. You can begin by setting aside small a small amount of money every week and increase it around the mid of September, for example. This will reduce the strain from all the holiday spending. Discounts or no discounts, Christmas shopping will hurt your monthly budget. Therefore, if you do not want to welcome the New Year on the red, start filling your piggy bank.

Reduce your expenses

The summer holiday season is almost over and you have probably been on a vacation already. Time to tighten up that belt and limit your spending. This is an effective way to save money for Black Friday 2014.

Keep track on how you spend your money

If you are having trouble to set money aside, then you probably have trouble managing your expenses as well. To learn to handle that, it is best to keep track of all the money you spend and on what you spend them. This is a boring and tedious task. However, it can reveal all the black holes in your budget.

Follow these simple steps and Black Friday 2014 will be less stressful and even more wallet-friendly for you.