Black Friday 2014 – Dates, Trends and Predictions

You may think that it is too early to mention Black Friday, but the truth is it is not. Although the biggest shopping day of the year is traditionally associated with the winter holiday season, it has started to move forward and kick off earlier and some retailers start their campaigns weeks earlier, while other gear up preparations a few months in advance. This tendency is likely to be preserved in 2014 as the Black Friday will likely be bigger and more profitable than ever. However, there will be a few trends which will also gain power around shortly before the start of the winter holiday season. Here is an early guide to this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


As you probably know, Black Friday always take place right after U.S. holiday Thanksgiving, which is set on the fourth Thursday of November. This means that Black Friday 2014 will officially start on November 28.

Cyber Monday promotions, on the other hand, are organized on the first Monday of December, which is the first Monday after Thanksgiving. In 2014, this will be the very first day of the month – 1 December.

Earlier Start

It is not uncommon for retailers to introduce their Black Friday deals before the actual arrival of the Black Friday. This is namely what happens last year., for instance, kicked off its Countdown to Black Friday sales event on 1 November, which is nearly a month in advance. Other retailers followed a similar strategy and opened the shopping season in the second or third week of November. This year, the pre-Black Friday deals could arrive even earlier. Our guess is that some stores will begin to offer exclusive deals and discounts as soon as the last week of October. You can expect offers to kick off on 28 October or precisely a month before Black Friday 2014.

As for Cyber Monday, it is not likely to see an early start. Instead, it will rather get a late end. Still, here the prolongation will be a bit more limited. Most retailers would probably set the boundaries at a week after Cyber Monday.

Wholesalers even run dedicated super sales for retailers from September onwards.

More Online Deals

Black Friday is not likely to lose its luster any time soon. However, it will soon start to resemble Cyber Monday. The popularity of online shopping continues to increase. In 2013, for example, more than 50% of consumers did their Black Friday shopping through a mobile gadget. Therefore, instead of lining up in front of a store, you could simply load up with computer devices and hunt for the bigger Black Friday deals on the web. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | are among the most popular hot spots for bargain hunters.

Special Treatment for Mobile Consumers

As it was already mentioned, mobile shoppers were one of the most active ones on Black Friday 2013. That is why retailers are expected to surprise this group of consumers in various interesting ways. One of them will be mobile apps specially dedicated to Black Friday. Email marketing will take a backseat this in 2014 and give way to mobile platforms that will send out notifications for hot deals to consumers as soon as they kick off.

Gift Cards Remain Most-Wanted

Gift cards may be the easiest and least thoughtful kind of a Christmas present, but it is also the most wanted. That is because it gives the receiver freedom of choice and flexibility. Traditionally, gift card promotions are reserved for the last couples of weeks before the holidays simply because they make a good last-minute gift. This Black Friday, however, they will make an early debut because of the strong demand for them.

Clothing vs. Personal Electronics

Apparel and gadgets are always the hottest Black Friday buys. That is especially the case among online shoppers. But will electronics continue to be popular in 2014. Many consumers already have a smartphone and a tablet and may not want to invest in new ones this year. Therefore, there may be a slight decrease in the search for gadgets. Still, you can be certain that retailers will handle the minor situation by lining up even more attractive Black Friday deals on personal electronics.

Clothing will always be sellable. No matter whether we are talking about children’s, men’s, women’s or off-season apparel, consumers never get tired of it.

Black Friday 2014 is likely to be bigger and better than ever for two key reasons – it will have a very early start and consumers will be able to shop from anywhere they are thanks to their mobile devices.