Easy peasy Kit Kat happiness squeezy


A “feel good” weakness spreads through your body…. It is just a bite of a Kit Kat bar, but who knew it is so delicious and it feels so good.

Have you tasted it before? Most probably, you did! The Kit Kat bars are available in every grocery store and supermarket, even in the remote areas of the country.[wpsr_retweet]

Little kids know better, and moreover, they have discovered from an early age the “feel good” taste of the chocolate-dipped wafers. Have a look at the video below what an effect Kit Kat has on people of different ages.

There is a little more you need to know before you take another “feel good” bite. Kit Kat is not only a wafer, but a pioneer of its kind in the online world.

Beyond being the first candy bar to be marketed around sharing, which helped turn chocolate into a social snack, KitKat was also the first to gain a global following. The wafer-filled Kit Kats first launched in both Europe and the U.S. before entering Australia, Asia and Africa—paving the way for other blockbuster bars.

Decades later, Kit Kat remains a global obsession: last year, Google’s Android announced its new operating system would be called “KitKat,” and in January, Tokyo welcomed the first all-Kit Kat store, featuring flavors like edamame soy bean, purple sweet potato and wasabi.

The Kit Kat is the ideal dessert. It is a quick snack and it boosts energy in no time. Even if you have started your day on the bitter side, it will sweeten it up rather quick.

It is one of the few products, which is as tasty as seen on Dubai One. How otherwise would have the Kit Kat brand survived for over 100 years! The crispy wafer and the milky chocolate of the candy bar offer a sweet escape, even if it is temporary.

Kit Kat’s trademark taste is not the sole secret behind its success. The dessert’s traditional bar shape also plays a huge role in its popularity. In fact, did you know that thanks to it, Kit Kat is the most delicious social tool you can have in your hands! The bar, which consists of a number of fingers, was specifically created for sharing. You can easily break off a piece and offer it to a friend, a family member or a colleague. As you probably know, eating alone is never fun. Also, during the summer we all need a little break. So be a good Kit Kat giver!



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