Parenting The Celebrity Style


Celebrities are constantly criticized for spending little time with their children or setting a bad example for them. But let’s be honest, any parent under the spotlight would also be attacked by harsh words and unnecessary criticism. Celebrity mums are not much different from common mums. Well, maybe they are richer, slimmer and with a glamorous career. However, they also know a thing or two for parenthood. Here are a few of the Hollywood’s most famous mums and some advice they have to share on being a parent.

Kate Winslet – Routine above all

“Titanic” actress is all about routine. She believes that when kids learn to follow a simple daily schedule, things can become much easier for both parents and children. Moreover, Winslet is confident that kids actually “love routine.” Although this is a little doubtful, it seems to be working for Kate, since she is a mother of three with a career.

heidi-klum-halloween-costumeHeidi Klum – Roll with the flow

Heidi Klum, however, has a totally different view on parenthood. She seems to be a more laid-back kind of mum, since she advises other parents to go with the flow. Klum says that kids are hard to control. Therefore, she sometimes allows herself to just let things go and happen on their own natural accord. Again, that might not be the best motto which parents can adopt. Still, it is easy on the nerves.

Salma Hayek at amfAR 2008Salma Hayek – Enjoy your time together

Actress Salma Hayek advises that parents should enjoy every single moment with their kids. Well, this is actually the advice her aunt gave her. However, Hayek follows it strictly. For her, the most boding time of the day is when she puts her daughter Valentine to sleep. The actress shares that she likes to sing to her and cradle her in her arms. Why she enjoys it so much? Because she has realized that time really does fly.

Tori Spelling – Follow your instincts

Mother of four and actress Tori Spelling has also received a lot of tips on parenthood. However, according to her, the best one was to trust her maternal instincts. Spelling believes that parenting skills are in-born and everything else is simply overanalyzing.

Gwyneth Paltrow with kidsGwyneth Paltrow – You need to make choices

Gwyneth Paltrow is completely honest when it comes to her experience as a mother. Unlike other Hollywood stars, who try to show the world that they successfully balance with their role as mothers and breadwinners, Paltrow says you can’t have it all. The actress has found that maintaining a career and taking care of children both require all of one’s time and energy. Therefore, she is often forced to choose just one of them. Gwyneth explained that she was able to take only supporting roles during her first years as a mother. So, yes, celebrities also make sacrifices.

Sarah Jessica Parker and daughters Tabitha and Marion out in New YorkSarah Jessica Parker – Don’t be judgmental

Sarah Jessica Parker admits that just like many other mums, she often finds herself judging the parental skills and methods of other people. Despite that, she advises that parents should stick together and help one another instead of being critical and judgmental.

Nicole Richie – Collect the memories

As a young mum, Nicole Richie likes to have fun with her kids. Richie finds them to be really funny and she always takes the time to write down the little things which entertained or impressed her. Her husband has also acquired this habit and they are now both happily scribbling down the first chapters of their children’s memoirs.

So, do you find these tips to be practical or do you view them simply as sugar on the pill?