Budget Phones Take Over 2014 Mobile World Congress


The latest edition of the Mobile World Congress has kicked off with a bang. Tech companies are in fierce competition to show off their newest inventions and lure consumers with special offers and low prices. Yes, that is right! Unlike previous years, the 2014 MWC is almost infested with budget phones. From feature to smart mobile phones, price tags have been mercilessly reduced. That, however, does not mean that the quality of the devices follows a similar tendency. Quite the opposite – the mobile devices which were and are to be introduced in Barcelona combine good quality with excellent prices.


Without a doubt, Mozilla takes the prize for most low-cost smartphone. The company announced that it will develop a number of Firefox OS budget smartphones. Moreover, it even unveiled the prototype of a $25 smart mobile phone. The affordable gadget is a result of Mozilla’s recent partnership with a chipset company.


During its presentation at MWC, Microsoft announced a new strategy for its Windows Phone brand. The company has the ambition to further popularize its mobile operating system around the world. To do achieve that, the technology giant will loosen the restrictions for Windows Phone devices. As a result, phonemakers will be able to produce cheaper Windows Phone smart gadgets. The price tag of the devices will also be influenced by Microsoft’s decision to support more Qualcomm chips. In addition, the company will improve and add a few features that are popular among consumers, like better SD card and dual-SIM support.


Nokia already attracted attention with rumours that it might introduce its first Android smartphone – Nokia X. However, before that, the company decided to show off two of its most affordable Asha phones – Nokia Asha 220 and Nokia Asha 230. Asha 220 is referred to as Nokia’s most budget-friendly data product. The device will cost less than $40. Asha 230, on the other hand, will be slightly more expensive and it will come at a price of a little over $60.


Sony’s new-generation Xperia M2 smartphone is not in the low-cost category with its price tag of $420. Nevertheless, it offers some great features which rank it above the mid-range category.


Lenovo announced the latest additions to its S-series smartphone lineup. Among them are two wallet-friendly devices – S850 and S660. S850 stands out with its stylish design, quad-core processor, 5” display and its price of $269. The S660, on the other hand, is even more affordable – $229.


Alcatel shared that it will release a budget LTE smartphone. The gadget’s name is Alcatel One Touch POP S7 and it will hit the stores in the second quarter of 2014. Among phone’s most impressive specifications are its multi-mode 4G LTE modem and a quad-core processor. It is reported that the device will support data rates of 150Mbit/s downlink. The retail price of POP S7 will start at $260.

It seems that the year of the super affordable smart mobile phones has finally arrived. With such low prices, analysts might need to update their smartphone penetration prognosis.