How du’s poor services affect Dubai’s primary living experience


Right at the back of the Downtown Dubai, a new magnificent tower was handed to its owners in the fourth quarter of 2013. Burj Al Nojoum comprises of over 300 apartments and it costs over 700 million dirhams to the developer. Some of the apartments, which are generally larger than Emaar’s standard and equally expensive, offer magnificent views of the Downtown Dubai, Burj Khalifa and  even the Arabian sea. The walk from the tower to the Dubai Mall is barely 10 minutes as the distance is approximately 800 meters.

As soon as the residential units were handed to the individual owners back in December 2013, people began to move into the building. Some are owners, others tenants, but altogether nearly 80 apartments are already occupied.

Central location, good living space and spectacular views are some of the top characteristics of the prime Dubai living experience, which attracts many foreigners to the city.

However, all of these great qualities offered at Burj Al Nojoum are hindered by du telecom inability to provide connectivity. Even though, residents began to move into the tower in the beginning of December, until now they can’t use Internet, watch TV or talk over a landline phones. The developer and its consultants contacted du many times with requests for connection. Emails were generally answered by du briefly but with assurances, which until today did not materialize. Phone calls by the consultants are not answered.

What could be the Dubai’s prime living experience without connectivity today?

Du is the second telecom operator in Dubai, which was established in 2007. It’s services, pricing policies and customer care are frequently discussed across various media outlets and people are generally unhappy and complain a lot.


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