Top Predictions for 2014 Luxury Travel


Global travel trends will be mainly influenced by travelers who share their experiences on various social media websites in 2014. Luxury travel will make no exception. However, this field in the sector will also witness a huge variety of microtrends. They will include some new hot destinations, gastronomic treats and travel vehicles, which typically have little to do with luxury… or shall we say had. Let’s take a look at the leading luxury travel trends that will shape the sector  in 2014.

Bulgaria CollageEast More Attractive Than the West

Over the last few years, Western Europe was a particularly attractive destination for luxury travelers. Countries like Spain, France and Italy were among the most visited hotspots. However, today, most luxury-loving tourists have already been to these places. Now, they are wishing to go somewhere new. In 2014, they will turn their eyes to Eastern Europe. They will offer them a great cultural and historical diversity and huge choice of regions – from Baltic states to Balkan countries. These destinations will captivate travelers with their preserved natural charm and beauty.

Disneyland-parisFestival Luxury Travel

Festival travel is an interesting way to explore a place. Luxury lovers have been attracted by this type of tourism for a while now. However, until recently they preferred to stand on a side and watch how the events unravel. Nevertheless, in 2014, they will finally join the party and participate in festivals more actively.

SuperbusLuxury Mobile Comfort

Sometimes luxury spreads in unexpected realms. For instance, a few years back, camping became part of luxury tourism and acquired the name “glamping.” A similar thing will happen with trailers and recreational vehicles (RVs). Of course, first they will need to undergo a massive upgrade. Despite that, once they get a few luxury amenities, they will turn into well-to-do family’s top choice of a holiday vehicle. That is because they will offer both comfort and mobility.

Thailand - Elephant Trekking Tour_2, KanchanaburiBucket List for Adventure Seekers

Adventure lovers will start crossing out things from their bucket lists. They will head to exotic locations to boost up their adrenaline. The most popular choices here will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, going to African safaris and exploring the culture in Papua New Guinea.

traditional-foodFoodies Go on Long Tours

In 2014, foodies will go wild. Just one gastronomic location will not be enough for them. In addition, they will show less interest in highly praised delicacies and head to less popular destinations. They will tour entire countries, regions and even continents in the search of the best dish or wine. It is predicted that South American countries will be particularly popular among foodies next year.

Social Media Boasting

Like most tourists, luxury travelers would also get the need to share their amazing experiences or, on other words, to boast. The best and easiest way to do that is of course on social media websites. Travelers will “check-in” the places they go and send out virtual holiday cards. Many luxury lovers will rely on mobile apps and photo sharing.

2014 will offer us a new kind of luxury travel experiences. It will impress with diversity, creativity and plenty of comfort. Therefore, if you can afford it, do follow these rising trends in luxury tourism.