A Great Christmas Gift for Apple Fans


If you are still wondering what to gift your closest people for the holidays, you may consider getting them the most popular present this year – a gift card. They can be used for getting everything from groceries to electronics or even a spa treatment and the best thing is, you can gift it for every special occasion. And if you wonder where to find the perfect gift card in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE, we have a great suggestion – the online Apple Store.

The official Apple Online Store for the UAE is offering gift cards which can be used for purchasing all kinds of hardware or accessories online. The Apple Store Gift Cards can even redeemed by phone and are available for various gadgets – from the hottest smartphones on the market to lovely phone accessories, headphones and microphones, fitness gadgets, and even fashion accessories. The digital Apple Store gift card is the easiest and fastest present you’ve ever gifted – you can choose from several different designs and select a value from AED 50 to AED 8000! So, basically, it can be used for absolutely everything at the store.

How to buy it? It’s easier than ever – choose a card credit value, design, and then personalize it with a message to the receiver, for example “Happy Birthday”, “Thank you for being the best friend in the world” or simply “Happy Holidays”. Then you can send it to an email and you will be certain your present arrives within 24 hours – fast, easy and convenient! However, the Apple Gift Card can’t be used at the iTunes Store and the App store or for paying phone bills, and so on.

The best thing about Apple Store Gift Cards is that they have no expiration date, unlike many other gift certificates which are valid for no more than a year. And by giving them to your friends and family members, you can be certain, they will buy whatever they like and whenever they want to. Yes. This may be a lazy gift, but it’s also the best!


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