Most Popular Christmas Gifts for Students in 2013


When choosing Christmas gifts for students, most people do one common mistake – they focus only on educational products. The truth it, you can easily combine the practical and the fun into a modern and useful present. Parents’ most common choice of Christmas gifts for students in 2013 are electronic gadgets. And this fact is hardly surprising for anyone, as today the tech devices are more innovative and multifunctional than ever.

Here are the most popular Christmas gifts for students this year, based on online shoppers purchases at the web’s largest retail store. If you like any of the products, you may click on the pictures to purchase them.

Study, Write and Learn with MacBook Pro

The latest MacBook Pro is a great laptop for students. It is compact and it can be easily transported, yet it does not lack power and functionality. Its Retina display will offer astonishing picture quality. The device also features some powerful apps, which will allow any user to work or enjoy some entertainment.

Capture the Moment with Canon PowerShot A2500

This digital camera does not simply look nice, it works perfect. The Canon PowerShot A2500 16MP digital camera comes with 16MP and 28mm wide-angle lens, which will optimize every photo. The best thing about this camera is that it will offer great quality for all kinds of pictures, including landscape shots and close-up photos.

Stay Trendy with iPad Mini

Trend-following is of key importance for every generation of young minds. So, a trendy gadget will bring a huge joy to every student. The trendiest electronic device right now is Apple’s iPad mini with Retina display. It looks and performs amazingly. Also, it is quite multifunctional and it can be used for pretty much anything.

Chill Out with Panasonic Monitor Audio Stereo Headphones

Students spend a lot of time with their headphones on either listening to music, watching films or chatting with friends. Also, they often use them in their studies when they watch educational clips and films, for instance. A set of Panasonic monitor audio stereo headphones will make any student happy. First, they look very nice. They have an old-school design and stand-out color. Second, they are very comfortable to wear since they are very light and ergonomic.

Have Fun with Xbox 360 with Kinect

Microsoft is expected to release very soon its newest console Xbox One. However, the Xbox 360 is also a great choice for a Christmas gift, if you do not want to wait. It is a great way for students to unwind and take their minds off their studies for a while, providing they have the time. Nevertheless, make sure you get the console together with a Kinect device for the ultimate gaming experience. The PlayStation 4 is also in high demand amongst holiday shoppers and the reviews are good.

If all these ideas for Christmas gifts for students are not suitable or expensive, you may choose the easiest way to gift by getting a gift card. So, your student will have the freedom to choose a gift.