Black Friday 2013: What Not to Buy


With holiday season coming in a few weeks, many people are already preparing for an exciting holiday shopping spree. But don’t be fooled by the Black Friday hysteria, because the sales in many stores will not necessarily offer the best deals for consumers. While many products will be offered at very low prices, even bellow the cost prices, there will be also some “bestsellers” that won’t be the best buys for the season.

Retailers try to convince us Black Friday 2013 will provide the best holiday deals we’ve seen in years. But the truth is that the most wanted and best-selling items will see their better discounts in December or even in the beginning of the next year. There are several items that you should definitely not buy on Black Friday.

Apple iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display

The second generation of the stylish device, although already revealed, is still not available for purchase in many parts of the world. According to experts, the company doesn’t even have enough iPad Mini 2 devices to satisfy the demand. And considering the traditional pricing strategy, we won’t see it at a discount for at least several months. Instead, a better option is the original iPad Mini, which Apple has already discounted to $299, and it’s very probably to drop to $269 in the coming weeks.

Kindle Fire HDX

Amazon has never offered significant discounts on new Kindle tablets on Black Friday, and the latest Kindle Fire HDX won’t be an exception. The reason is probably because the devices are already cheap. Instead, the retailer slashed the price of Kindle Fire HD, which is now selling for $139 (at cost) and only today is supplemented by a $15 Gift Card.

New Gaming Consoles

The latest game consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which will be released in the coming couple of weeks, will definitely be in high demand. And unfortunately, no discounts are expected for them this holiday, so a better option remains an older console + game bundle. But if a PS4 is a must-have this season, we recommend you find it on a list price, or even better – in a bundle.


Black Friday is maybe the worst time of the year to buy toys. Even if they are discounted on Thanksgiving weekend, you will see them at far lower prices a week before Christmas.

Christmas Decorations

Although Christmas decorations are rarely on our shopping lists, they easily find a place in carts, just because we are in a mood for buying them. In fact, the best deals for décor will appear after the holiday.

Jewelry and Watches

You will see lots of advertisements for discounted shiny items during the entire holiday season. But this simply means their “holiday” price tag is really higher than the actual cost. Imagine a watch, regularly priced $30 is selling for $65 during the winter season. Will a 15% discount be a great deal?

Winter Clothing

There are tons of seasonal clothes on Black Friday sales, but the best deals are in January, when retailers sell the seasonal collections as clearance items.

International Airfares

Black Friday deals on airfares are usually hype. If you are buying a ticket for a Spring trip, wait until February – the prices will be better.

Specialty Foods & Wine

Gift baskets are especially popular during Christmas holidays. But again, the better deals are closer to Christmas Day than around Thanksgiving.

Branded HDTVs

There will be amazing deals on new TVs on Black Friday, but don’t expect brand names. Third-tier manufacturers will try to attract customers while big brands will wait until late December and early January, because they will need to get rid of the stock before revealing 2014 models. It is basically the same with DSLR cameras – the newer and better cameras will be found in the 2014 line-up. Of course, you can always buy something good, even it’s not the best or the latest model.

When making you shopping list for Black Friday, decide on what’s really important this year. Then, sign up for email alerts in different websites, so you know when your chosen items are listed on sales. Otherwise, you could easily blow your entire holiday budget on few overpriced gifts.