Deal of the Day: 40% off Barbie Dolls & Accessories


If you are looking for the perfect gift for a little girl, we might just have what you need. Whether it is for a birthday, an early Christmas shopping, or you just want to surprise your little princess, Barbie dolls will never get old. Today’s Deal of the Day offers Barbie dolls and accessories 40% off!

Girls love presents in general, but one particular item is the ideal solution for all possible occasions and that is the doll. And Barbie is the Rolex of dolls – she is the princess of toy universe which every little girl dreams of having. However, this doll much more than a kids’ toy – there are hundreds of collectors around the world (men, most of them) who have tens and hundreds models of it. And in many cases, you will have to pay a little fortune to purchase a genuine item. But only today, Amazon’s Deal of the Day is giving parents and collectors the opportunity to save 40% on the iconic doll. The website has thousands of models, but the sale is limited to 18 Barbie dolls and accessories, which will delight every little girl on this planet.

The Deal of the Day includes exclusively children’s items by Mega Blocks, Mattel, and Neat-Oh. Barbie in a bridal gown, mermaid Barbie, or Barbie in her beautiful horse riding outfit, the kids will have a lot of fun playing with her, changing her clothes, and making friends. Her Glam Vacation House, Glam Convertible car, and her fashionable closet are also here, bringing the ultimate entertainment! Check what models your girl is playing with at home and choose the perfect play set for her – the gym, the luxury mansion, the pony stable, or the Dreamhouse Fashion Vending Machine. And we can’t miss the Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror which enables little girls to experiment with makeup but not creating a mess on their faces. The toy works with an iPad, which is a great option – simple, easy, and clean.

No matter the occasion, a Barbie doll is cherished gift and you can save a bit by purchasing it today. In fact, your little girl will be happy to have anything related to the famous doll, so don’t hesitate and order as quickly as possible.