10 Hottest Fashion Trends for Fall 2013


The fall is known as one of the most stylish seasons. That is because the peek-a-boo outfits are rarely seen, colours are darker and more classy and silhouettes are clear and neat. Fall 2013 will be characterized with some classic and well-known fashion solutions and a few unexpected designs. Be prepared, there may be a few comebacks! We offer you a list of ten of the must-wear fashion trends for fall 2013.

  • Green – The colour of 2013 is emerald. However, during the autumn, green will not be confined only to emerald. This colour will come in all of its shades. The best thing about green is that it is one of the few colours that looks good with every hair colour, style and skin tone.
  • Over-the-Knee Boots – This type of footwear is not typically seen as being classy. However, this fall leather over-the-knee boots will be a big hit. Stores are already stocking up with many boot designs. You can browse through Bebe.com’s latest additions for some really interesting styles.
  • Winter White – After green, winter white will be the most popular colour in fall 2013. But this trend will not be limited only to separate pieces or accessories. Expect to see head-to-toe winter white. The good thing about white is that it is very easy to combine and assemble. Also, it can easily make you stand out in the pre-winter crowd.
  • Turtlenecks – You probably think that the turtleneck is too simplistic and boring. Yes, it has been around for quite some time. However, it is always trendy, especially in foul weather. Combine it with a big coat and you will get the perfect fall look. Knitted designs will be particularly trendy. Since knitwear is one of the things in which Karen Millen specializes, you can dig up your turtleneck from there.
  • Rounded Shoulders – We announce the comeback of the rounded shoulders! From coats to sweatshirts, sleeves will be rounded. This is a chic look that is really suitable for more formal occasions. Nevertheless, it does not work for everyone.
  • Classic Patterns – Patterns will continue to be a hit this autumn. However, avoid the complicated ones and go for something simpler and classic. Good old plaid, leopard or pinstripes will be enough to do the magic. Bebe has already added them to its top’s collection.
  • Folk-Inspired Pieces – This is the ultimate urban fashion trend for this fall. Colourful and intricate designs and motifs will add personality to your wardrobe and class to your persona.
  • Knit Beanies – The most budget-friendly and practical trend for the season is the knit beanie. It is perfect for windy weather or during bad-hair days.
  • Statement Coats – Do not limit yourself to a dark-coloured, boring coat. Select something bold and a bit crazy. Choose something with an extra volume and you are ready to steal the show.

Most of the fashion trends for fall 2013 are very easy to follow. Trendy pieces can be found in various online stores, like Karen Millen or Bebe.com. Don’t worry if you are a plus size, somewhere between size 12 and 32! Stop by Jessica London’s website and you will have no problems refreshing your wardrobe for the autumn. If you are a retailer, you should browse through the AliExpress wholesale goods section. So many choices, so many fashion trends!