Top Stories on Dubai Chronicle on September 4th

Here are the top stories on Dubai Chronicle on September 4, 2013. To read the complete articles, click on the bolded headlines.
picture Emerging Markets On A Bumpy Ride

Emerging markets have been the darlings of global investors for most of the last decade.  […]

picture Dubai Stocks Retreat as Syria Concerns Halt 2013 Rally

Dubai’s stocks led a drop in Gulf markets as market players are concerned about the prospect of a U.S. strike against Syria. […]

picture No More Extra Fees on Online Movie Ticket Reservation in Dubai

The Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection (CCCP) sector in the Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai has successfully solved consumer complaints raised on social media regarding some cinemas in the city charging an extra fee for online ticket reservation.

picture September New iPhone Launch Confirmed

Finally, Apple has spoken! The company confirmed that it will hold its new iPhone launch event this month. Today the technology giant sent out official invites to the media for September 10th event, which will kick off at 10am Pacific Time and it will be held at the Apple Campus in Cupertino.

picture Arab World Competitiveness Report 2013 Highlights Job Creation

Arab World Competitiveness Report 2013 highlights job creation as the major economic challenge for leaders in the Middle East Among the 13 countries in focus, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are leading in overall competitiveness; Jordan slightly improved its performance. Underdeveloped skills, weak institutions and labour market inefficiency are the main factors limiting […]

picture Emirates Group’s 3rd Environment Report Highlights Key Efficiencies

The Emirates Group has published its third annual environment report. It reveals improvements in Emirates’ fuel efficiency and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions as the airline added new, modern aircraft and retired older, less efficient ones. Covering the 2012-2013 fiscal year, the audited report analysed environmental performance data from a range of Group activities, including […]

picture Android KitKat Would Become Your Inseparable Companion

Google Names New Android KitKat Google made a surprising move. The company will name the next version of its Android operating system KitKat. However, Google denies that this is a part of a new marketing strategy. Google has the tradition to name its mobile operating systems after treats. Some of the past versions of Android, […]

picture Women’ Life Expectancy Gap Widens Between Rich and Poor

We always read about global health and how women’s health is constantly improving worldwide. However, the latest report of the World Health Organization says that women aged 50 and above are much healthier than they were twenty or thirty years ago. But it also reveals a worrying trend – women’s life expectancy gap widens depending […]

picture Top 10 Countries to Start a Business

Do you plan to start a business? Well, probably you should do that in one of the top ten countries for entrepreneurs. A new report by EY outlines the top countries in the world to start a business. The report’s name is 2013 Entrepreneurship Barometer and here are the top achievers according to it.

picture New York Fashion Week Preview

The strong season for fashion events kicks off with the New York Fashion Week. The event will start this Thursday and it will gather fashionistas for eight days.

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