September New iPhone Launch Confirmed

MX iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store Finally, Apple has spoken! The company confirmed that it will hold its new iPhone launch event this month. Today the technology giant sent out official invites to the media for September 10th event, which will kick off at 10am Pacific Time and it will be held at the Apple Campus in Cupertino.

Unsurprisingly, the invitations do not reveal anything. Their slogan is “This should brighten everyone’s day.” Also, there are many colourful spots in the text’s background. This could be referring to the new look of Apple’s upcoming iPhone. The low-cost version of the device, iPhone 5C, is reported to arrive in various colour options. They are rumoured to include pink, red, blue, green, white and possibly others too. The high-end model, 5S, may also surprise Apple fans with a more colourful look. Some of the company’s suppliers have revealed that iPhone 5S will have a champagne colour.

Judging by the background of the invitation, iPhone 5C may arrive in even more colours. The design of the invites includes dots in red, yellow, blue, white, green, purple, pink and orange. This could mean that consumers may have a hard time choosing just one of these options. Still, their wishes will be finally fulfilled.

However, the interesting invitations may also hint at the new mobile operating system of Apple – iOS 7. This is due to the fact that the company has made a big visual overhaul of its OS. Therefore, we can expect to see more colour from it too.

This Apple event promises to be very special. That is because this could be the first time in which the giant will introduce two handsets in one and the same month.

It is predicted that the devices will start shipping around September 20. About that time, Apple is expected to introduce and release iOS 7.

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