Should Social Media Marketing Be Entertaining?


Most of us are spending huge amounts of time on social media, we must admit that. And while socially active businesses are always trying to raise their sales and attract more customers, ordinary people usually don’t go online just to check their favourite brands offers and updates. Most people just want to be entertained. So, understanding consumer behavior is crucial to building a successful social media marketing campaign.

People go online for different reasons – out of boredom, searching for entertainment, or just because they are addicted to being digitally connected. And too few social media websites are focused on professional networks. Most websites are used for finding friends and simply for fun. So, what do people do on social networks?

According to a study by Experian Marketing Services, out of every hour being online, Americans spend 16 minutes on social networks and forums, 9 minutes on entertainment sites, and 5 minutes on shopping. Bill Tancer, General Manager of Experian Marketing Services, explains that trends in consumer behavior are essential for marketing. Today, with so many mobile users, it’s important for marketing professionals and company owners to make the difference between mobile and traditional, desktop use.

Social media experts have noticed another interesting trend – the most successful content combines personal and commercial-worth information. Companies should “compete with family and friends”, using the same methods and tools for communication. It’s no longer about focusing on your brand or your product. Posting more personal, “human” content is far more interesting and capable to maintain people’s attention. According to numbers by research website Statistic Brain, the average attention span in 2000 was twelve seconds, compared to only 8 seconds in 2012. So, whatever it may mean for human development, it means only one thing for companies. They have to use more imagination and tricks to catch and hold consumers’ attention.

The most important thing is that you need to be more entertaining in your social media collaborations. Posting dry, report-like updates won’t be interesting to anyone, not even you. Too stuffy or long content won’t be entertaining at all – even if your ideas are really original and interesting, it won’t matter because nobody will read them. Experts recommend that only 20 percent of your content should be yours. The other 80 percent should come from other people, fun pages, and so on. There are several things you can do to make your content more fun:

Add dates from the bizarre calendar. For instance, July 2 is the World UFO Day, August 10 is the Lazy Day, and August 30 is the Toasted Marshmallow Day!

Check Google + and Twitter on a daily basis. Make a circle or follow people who tend to share interesting and awesome content.

Check Pinterest – there you will find what’s trending right now.

There are many other websites that can be very helpful. But be careful not turn your brand into popular, but hollow page on Facebook. Keep posting your solid content, but try adding a pinch of zing here and there. After all, you want people to follow you for your products, so don’t go too far.

Social media is the new television, so is your channel worth following?