Half of All Mobile Apps Reported Dead

A new study revealed shocking results for several companies – many of the mobile apps available for download at large stores have never been updated. 41 percent of the apps on Google Play, 60 percent of the apps on Apple app store, and 69 percent of Windows Phone applications are dead.

MX iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store Half of the 1,2 million mobile apps have never been (and never will be) updated. This means they haven’t reached a significant level of use and not even enough reviews. The statistics come from mobile testing service StarDust, which has conducted a study comparing apps, publishers, monetization, and more details in three major app stores – Windows Phone Marketplace, Apple’s App Store, and Google Play. Released today, the results say that 60 percent of the 617,436 apps on Apple’s app store, 69 percent of the apps for Windows Phone, and 41 percent of all 484,271 applications on Google Play are dead. Approximately 68 percent of the apps on Google Play are downloaded less than 5,000 times, which should be quite concerning to the developers, at least at first sight.

However, it appears developers and publishers know exactly what is happening. Each day, 2,371 applications averagely are published, with almost half of them on Android (47 percent). 41 percent of them are launched for iOS and only 12 percent of them are for Windows Phone. It seems according to the study that publishers still prefer to join Apple’s developer program. The total publishers on their App Store are 167,156, with 90 new who publish daily. In comparison, only 75 developers would publish an app on Google Play every day and 34 – on Windows Phone Marketplace.

Another interesting trend – every day, averagely 806 iOS apps and 2,341 Android app are updated. According to StarDust, this can be expected because in fact, Android tend to developers publish an update only to provide their product a higher ranking. Another factor is the average update cycle – Windows Phone is the fastest updating, while other platforms take very long.

The numbers of applications for each app store are quite lower than the companies report themselves. In June, Apple said that 900,000 apps had been published on their app store and the applications on Google Play are said to be over a million. This is probably due to the fact that many applications have expired and haven’t been updated.

Currently, Apple’s App Store reports the greatest revenue – around half of all paid apps are purchased there. In comparison, 32 percent of the purchased apps are for Android.

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