du Fee Increase Anger Customers


Customers in Dubai are angry and they are blasting on Twitter an unexpected du fee increase of their home broadband and telephone service.

The telco is raising the price of its most basic internet. Call package of Dh199 a month will cost Dh275 from September 1. Meanwhile, until today du services are lacking high quality and users can experience Internet connection time out or brief TV signal loss even in the prime Dubai areas such as the Downtown Dubai.

However, du says the new 8mbps service has “improvements” such as free national landline calls, free international minutes and an on-demand movie service. On-demand movie service offers to rent a movie for between twelve and thirty dirhams for 48 hours. Landline calls in Dubai have always been free of charge with Etisalat.

However, some customers complain they are being forced to pay more for services they do not want. Yes, for example, if you opt for a monthly subscriptions to the oldest movies and TV shows for 30 dirhams, you cannot cancell, so this will add 360 dirhams to your annual bill.

The real issue is that customers are not provided with an option to  choose another service providers. du and Etisalat monopolize the areas they serve. In addition, the areas are mapped in away that gives you no choice but to accept the services of only one provider.

In addition, some customers say that du did not contact them about the price hike, which is highly unusual, because the company has a policy to call existing customers to demand payments that are not even yet due.

Du customer services are often a subject of complaints among customers in Dubai. Some odd marketing strategies sparkled debates a few months ago on the social networks.

The company is also increasing the price of its 24mbps package from Dh350 to Dh400. In Europe, for example, Internet services are much cheaper than what customers pay here, even when it comes to optic fiber.

Du’ shares underperform investors expectations on the Dubai Financial Market for a number of years and profits were not that remarkable. However, increasing fees might not be the right solution for the company’s problems. Improving quality of services and customer care may contribute to attracting more new customers, on the other hand.


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