Hot Fall 2013 Jewelry Trends


Want to stay up to date on fall 2013 jewelry trends? You are probably trying to figure out how to make the most of your shrinking budget and wardrobe this season, so we don’t need to remind you it is almost impossible to get everything you see on the red carpet or in glossy magazines. But when it comes to jewelry, there are several fall 2013 jewelry trends which are absolutely adorable, wearable and not expensive at all. Click here to view a collection.

RI100735_2When preparing for the fall/winter season, you don’t need to get yourself a whole new line-up of jewelry pieces. Certainly, a huge Dolce & Gabbana Byzantine cross necklace as seen on the runways won’t be in style forever, while it may cost a fortune. A hot trend coming right from this year’s Fall 2013 runways is the classic chains – Chanel and Lanvin showed their bold, gold and silver chains, while Bottega Veneta paired them with large statement medallions. Oversized and bronze-toned chain cuffs also made their way to the catwalk, but maybe the most wearable of the jewelry trends for fall 2013, is still the Swarovski crystallized jewels.

RI100859_4RI100831Add an instant extra to your outfit with a little, sparkling treasure on your hand to grab the attention. Bright, colourful Swarovski rhinestones will be perfect for your darker wardrobe, especially if they are combined with a stylishly designed piece. This Swarovski Rhinestone Delicate Crown Rose Yellow Gold Plated Ring, for example is the ultimate statement ring for the season. With its perky shape it will go particularly well with a black or dark outfit, highlighting you cheerful mood even in the cooler days. Colourful rhinestones appear on earrings and necklaces, too. Choose bright metals in rose-gold or bronze tones and dynamic shapes and silhouettes.

 Of course, the highlight of Fall 2013 trends is fun! Youthful styles, bold, bright colours, various metals and stones – just combine them with a little bit of imagination to get the ideal jewelry piece that will show off your individuality!

RI100659 3Multiple and layered rings are hottest trend – the three-piece rings set at Chloe and the amazing combinations of ring elements at Dior are something definitely worth following! The gold plated lady rings set at FranFran’s consists of three different girlish brass rings with interesting details which complement each other really gracefully. You can wear them together or separately depending on your outfit. This ring sets look somewhat romantic and are perfect for holidays, weekends and dinner dates. In addition, the expensive precious stones are replaced with more affordable alternatives – crystals.

RI100649When it comes to rings, especially engagement rings, diamonds are considered “kings”, but cubic zirconia could be also a great option. You can find a great deal of zirconia rings on the market which are equally beautiful and durable, but much more affordable.

And what about the earrings? Oliver Rousteing’s collection of transparent plastic chandelier earrings at Balmain show were quite impressive, as well as the Baroque-inspired ones we saw at Ralph Lauren.

EA100764_1Of course, if you want to follow that that trend, we suggest you shrink the size – delicate round or pear cut zircon earrings appear as opulent and aristocratic, but still wearable with day and evening outfits and very elegant. Their design and perfectly cut cubic zirconia make them the perfect addition to your evening dress at a special occasion or to an office attire.

Forget about the big hoops – studs and tiny hoops with stones and crystals are the new statement earrings!

EA100311_2Pearls, crystals, different styles and playful combinations, but not just gold or silver – the more interesting and unique the design, the better!

Of course, be careful with the bold designs and try to find something new, but with a classic twist that you may wear also the next season, if not the next year. This is a practical approach that works perfectly for us even towards fall 2013 jewelry trends, which makes it a Win-Win situation.

Each one of the featured rings and earring could be purchased online at FranFran’s store. The retailer also offers delivery to your doorstep in UAE and across four more countries.


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