Super Camera Smartphone Nokia Lumia 1020 Now in Stores

NokiaLumia1020 Nokia’s latest model smartphone with very impressive camera features, Nokia Lumia 1020, is officially listed for sale in a number of online retail stores. The price of the device is only $299 with a contract at Microsoft store, while unlocked phone could cost you somewhere around $800. In Dubai, salespeople from Nokia stores in the shopping malls say the Lumia 1020 will be available in September.

As a typical Lumia, the advanced smartphone comes in different colour options – black, white and yellow. Red might be available, but is is not yet confirmed.

The newest Windows Phone from the Finnish manufacturer will definitely appeal to consumers who love photography and appreciate high quality pictures. That is because 1020 is one of the most advanced camera phones in the mobile technology market today.

Nokia Lumia 1020 rocks an unbelievable 41MP camera, which is boosted by some new and amazing technology. In addition, the smartphone device has an integrated Nokia Pro Camera application. With it, 1020 users will have the chance to see the device’s camera power in full motion. Apart from shooting photos and videos, the app comes with features for editing and even for picture sharing.

Even more impressive are the advanced camera features of the Lumia 1020. User with a more advanced experience and skills can adjust various function of the camera, including its shutter speed, flash, white balance, ISO, exposure, focus and many more.

But Nokia’s new Windows Phone does not only amaze on paper. It is quite good in action too. The reviews of the device are already in and the the phone is seen trendsetter. The new Lumia is dubbed as “the smartphone with the best camera” and even the it is pointed as the best Windows Phone.

Also, as it was predicted, a number of mobile apps were created exclusively for Nokia Lumia 1020. Microsoft already launched one of them on its Windows Phone store. It is a brand new version of the Hipstamatic Oggl PRO application and it was created especially for 1020. The app offers different picture editing functions. In addition, owners of the new Lumia can use it directly share their snaps on their social media profiles.

If you are planning to buy Nokia Lumia 1020, you should also consider getting the Nokia Camera Grip accessory. It comes at the price of $79, but now you can get it for free if you order your device from the Microsoft Store. Nokia Camera Grip will further push your Lumia 1020 to the camera category. It comes with an additional 1020mAh rechargeable battery and a tripod mount. Apart from this accessory, you will also a gift card that can be redeemed for applications with a total worth of $10. That is not all! Those, who get their Nokia Lumia 1020 from Micrsoft Store, will receive a voucher for a free SmileBooks print poster.

These promos are time-limited, so if you want to take advantage of them, do that today.

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Super Camera Smartphone Nokia Lumia 1020 Now in Stores Nokia’s latest model smartphone with very impressive camera features, Nokia Lumia 1020, is officially listed for sale in a number of online retail s...

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