New Media Group Launches


New Media Group, known for its work on,, Top-Holiday-Deals, and many other websites, is introducing a brand new project. The company is launching a site dedicated to mobile technology called

One of the main tasks of New Media Group is to be innovative and creative. The company recognizes the rise of technology and, more specifically, that of mobile technology. Based on New Media Group’s team research, observations and feedback from clients, the company the company is in the process of developing a new website for mobile apps and mobile stores reviews, and latest industry news.

As its name suggests it, the new website will focus on reviews of mobile technology products and services like apps and app store platforms. New Media Group promises detailed articles on the topic. Moreover, unlike other websites about mobile technology, Mobile Apps Reviews will focus on all key technology brands and the latest industry news. In other words, the company’s latest project will meet the needs of all types of consumers, including fans of Apple, Android, Amazon and Microsoft.

The biggest advantage of Mobile Apps Review is probably the fact that it is suitable for everyone who relies on mobile technology in the daily lives. All kinds of mobile consumers will be able to appreciate it – from tech savvy geeks, who have a great knowledge on the topic, to technology newbies, who are just making their first steps in the mobile world. The insightful reviews on the site are written in a plain and straightforward language. Their main purpose is to offer readers valuable, reliable and useful information.

In addition, Mobile Apps Review will keep its visitors informed about the hottest technology news, since they play a big role in shaping the mobile technology world. Therefore, New Media Group’s latest project is multilayered and diverse and it will grow in time. That is namely what makes it stand out on today’s online media market.

The world is moving forward and so is New Media Group. The clear proof for that is called