Gulf Newswire with a Stand-Out New Design


Gulf Newswire Screen New Media Group’s award winning website now greets its visitors with a brand new interactive design. The site’s latest look draws focus on top news, while offering readers entertaining features.

As a newswire that offers news of both regional and international importance, Gulf Newswire highlights the actual content adding related headlines and enhancing media features. For that reason, the team behind the site took a new step into that direction by applying a non-distracting design to the project.

The emphasis in Gulf Newswire is now almost entirely on the news content. The website’s clean layout was created in an attempt to enable visitors to quickly find the latest news in various business categories. The most recent posts are placed at the top of the site’s home screen. In addition, there is section called Recent Posts, which is viable from any page of the site. Thanks to it, visitors can navigate back to the latest posts without having to return to the home page.

The separate post pages are following the same design concept. Their simplistic and minimalistic layout will not distract readers and users from what is truly important – the news content. In addition, the share buttons are more accessible than before, allowing visitors to faster send out interesting news to their business associates. At the end of every post one will find a comments section. There, everyone with an opinion on the given topic is welcomed to share it with Gulf Newswire’s team and the site’s readers.

The simplicity in the new appearance of Gulf Newswire is diversified by rich media content and a touch of blue nuances in its menus. The first thing that you will notice when you visit the website is its spotlight section. Its purpose is to present the hottest news on the site together with relevant photographs.

Another new feature of the site is its new categorization of articles. Gulf Newswire now has over 30 different main categories, including separate sections for each Arabian Gulf country.

If you don’t want to miss the latest news from the Gulf region and from across the world, you can subscribe to Gulf Newswire’s newsletter by email. Just enter your email address in the Subscribe to Newsletter section, located at the top right site of the website. You can also like Gulf Newswire in Facebook or follow it on Twitter under the name @GulfNewswire. In that way, you will receive real-time news updates.


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