Two New iPhones This September?

When will Apple release its next iPhone? That is a question bothering many technology fans. According to some analysts, the company will try to change its product cycle and leave iPhone fall releases in the past. However, International Business Times suggests differently. The news publication predicts that Apple will stick to its well-known schedule. Moreover, IBTimes believes that the giant will launch not one, but two new iPhones this September.

The main reason behind this hypothesis is the fact that Apple releases its iPhones around the same time every year since the very beginning. The company continues to avoid changing its product cycle, which is not the case with its rivals.

In addition, the publication states that the rumours for a low-cost iPhone will turn up to be true. In other words, the giant will launch two iPhones this fall.

International Business Times even points out specific dates. According to IBTimes, the high-end iPhone will be released after iOS7. From Apple have not announced an official date for that. However, the article says that the company usually launches its mobile operating system 100 days after its introduction, which is September 18th this year. The high-cost new-generation iPhone is expected to arrive soon after that on September 20th.

IBTimes believes that the first budget-friendly iPhone will be launched a couple of weeks later between September 27th and October 4th.

Although strange, there is some logic in this prognosis. After all, Apple is among the few technology companies that stick to the traditional.

There are also predictions about the specifications of the two smartphones. The high-end iPhone is rumoured to rock a dual-LED 12MP rear camera. It may come with a built-in fingerprint on the home button. That means no more passwords and usersnames.

As for the low-cost iPhone, it is said to have a 4-inched display and a plastic chassis. In addition, it may also be the first iPhone with TD – LTE frequency capabilities.