Amazon Slashed Kindle Price for 4th of July

If you haven’t heard by now, the biggest trend in consumer technology today are 7-inched tablets. They are more portable than 10-inched models. In addition, they can still offer you the media experience you deserve. However, if you are aiming for a top-quality device, then you should go with Amazon’s own 7-inched flagship super fast tablet – Kindle Fire HD 7″. It is one of the most affordable and reliable high-tech products on the modern market.

If we managed to catch your attention, you will surely be interested to learn that the biggest online retailer, has slashed the prices of Kindle Fire HD 7”. Now you can purchase this amazing piece of technology for $30 less than the original $199 price!

Wait, it is getting better! The sale is valid for all models of the 7-inched Kindle Fire HD – the 16GB and the 32GB models. In other words, unlike in other discounts, here consumers are not limited in their choice. In that way, you will invest in a product that will actually fit your own personal needs, as well as your budget.

Amazon’s sale will enable you to purchase the 32GB Kindle Fire HD 7” for only $199 and the 16GB version will now cost you barely $169. Sound like a bargain, doesn’t it!

Those of your who are not familiar with the many advantages of Kindle Fire HD, will be surprised to find how such a tiny machine can offer so much sophisticated features and quality. As the name hints it, Kindle Fire HD will give you the ultimate HD experience. The device rocks a 1280×800 HD display with an anti-glare technology that will reduce the eyestrain. Amazon is aware that the experience will not be completely HD if the tablet’s sound functions have low quality. Therefore, it added an exclusive Dolby audio and dual-drive stereo speakers that offer a realistic virtual surround sound.

To purchase Kindle Fire HD 7” on this slim price, you will need to head to now, since this is a limited-time offer.

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