Designer Clothes Online Shopaholics Must Register for Private Flash Sales

Editors' Closet Every ordinary shoppaholic’s dreams of unlimited sales and endless discounts can materialize online. Still, it’s time consuming to search for smart bargains, sales and promotions among the countless online retailers. Therefore, registering at private flash sale websites such as or is the best option to pamper yourself with luxurious clothes, accessories and jewelry. [wpsr_retweet]

Unlimited deals and endless discounts – it’s nearly impossible to connect these two with the word luxury in a single sentence. Usually items that are on sale at stores are cheap, ordinary and worthless to possess. Who wants to have a handbag bought at a discount from the local shopping mall, and even worse, would you wear it, knowing that half of the neighborhood has exactly the same? Sadly, we have been all forced to do that just because unique, designer stuff is way too pricey. But online stores and one website in particular, can easily bring all the best savings on high end fashion just because it simply specializes in this.

New York-based is an invitation only sale website which offers daily to 3-day sales on high end fashion clothing and luxury accessories. In order to shop at the website, you need to sign up for a membership which grants you exclusive savings on many high fashion brands. Here is the best place to find fashion designers that are typically available only in stores that specialize in couture, such as DKNY or Michael Kors. And Editor’s Closet is the place to get in on some of the best deals possible on fashion.

Once you register as a member, you will receive invitation only access to the website’s daily events. And as the company focuses on limited time private sales, you’d better log in early because quantities on all merchandise are also limited. Unlike similar websites, signing up is totally free of charge, so anyone who’s interested in luxury items can become a member. Of course, when it comes to fashion and luxury, you can’t expect to find a great bargain. Editor’s Closet is not for casual shoppers looking for the best discount, it’s an exclusive place for the fashion conscious people who seek for an opportunity to get Ysves St. Laurent, Stella McCartny, or Dolce & Gabanna brand items on sale! And if you want everyone to know you are familiar with fashion designers, this is the right place for you!

When you register, you will receive notices on a daily basis to inform you what sales are on. Usually, there are three different sales either exclusive to one designer, or jewelry sale for example, running simultaneously in a single day. Of course, you can also preview future sales from the website’s calendar, so you can be sure you are not missing anything. The private flash sales will continue up to three days, so you have time to find what you are looking for, after all.

Being a member of Editor’s Closet, you can enjoy a little bonus – for each one of your friends who signs up and makes a purchase, you will receive a $25 Rewards Credit which can be redeemed at the website. So, the more people you bring in, the more money you will get! In addition, you will be given extra savings on shipping as well. So, if luxury and fashion are the words that describe you, check out Editor’s Closet and their private flash sales.