Social Media Day Celebrations to Take Over the World


Social media effectively helps our modern society in a number of ways. Social websites enable us to communicate with people from all over the world no matter of their location. Also, social media platforms offer us real-time news and information on nearly every topic. Social media platforms allow our voices to be heard even in times of crisis and informational blackout.

This positive side of social websites has inspired the Social Media Day. That is right! Now there is a particular day, dedicated to the new media trend. Moreover, it is celebrated this month!

Originally, the event was first celebrated back in 2010. The main purpose of the day was and still is the recognition and the celebration of the technological revolution, which we are witnessing today.

However, the event quickly started to enjoy a growing popularity. Not after long, it was even recognized as an official day of celebration in some regions of the world, including the US. As a result, many people are now preparing to mark the Social Media Day on June 30th (Sunday).

In 2012, social media fans celebrated with events in cities in all regions of the world. Among the most attended of them were held in were cities located in Sri Lanka, Morocco , as well as the Philippines.

This year’s Social Media Day is even more ambitious. That is because everyone will be given the opportunity to join the fun in one way or one way or another.

Social media users will be able to either organize, help organize or simply visit a Social Media Day Meetup. These meetups will be announced and coordinated online. That will happen on a website created specially for that purpose – There, enthusiasts willing to join the June 30 celebrations can easily locate a meetup in their area.

The meetups can basically take any form the participants and the organizers choose them to. In addition, they can include discussions on topics.

Of course, the event will be highly promoted in social websites without limitations. The official hashtag for the Social Media Day is #smday. Remember it if you want to join the online celebrations on June 30th.


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