Surface RT Price Reduced to $199 for Educators


Microsoft Store While most technology companies mark the beginning of the new school year, Microsoft Inc. has decided to celebrate its end. The giant announced a big Surface RT discount for schools and universities. In addition, the company plans to give free tablets to 10,000 lucky educators.

Microsoft is reducing the prices of its Surface RT tablet PCs for universities and schools with over 50. As a result, the $499 price tag is now slimmed down to only $199. In that way, the company makes its product as affordable as Kindle Fire and Nexus 7. Microsoft now offers a bigger school discount than Apple. The iPhone company sells its iPad 2 to educators for nearly $400.

According to Microsoft, this promotion is part of the giant’s goal “to help schools and universities, students and educators realize their full potential.” Also, in its announcement the company lists some of Surface RT’s main advantages. Among them are educational applications, impressive battery life, multitasking, cloud support and integrated Microsoft Office.

The discount is valid for the 32GB version of the device. Also, schools and universities that want to purchase the device with Touch Keyboard Cover or a Type Keyboard Cover can take advantage of two more offers. Microsoft will offer Surface RT with a Touch Keyboard Cover for less than $250 and with Type Keyboard Cover – for $289. That is a price cut of about $350.

However, the discount will be available only to educational institutions and not to individual students. The discount will be valid until August 31 or before the start of the next school year.

Microsoft also plans to give away free Surface RT tablets to educators at this year’s International Society Technology in Education Conference which will take place from June 23 to 26. The company will give visitors 10,000 free tablets which they will be able to use in the classroom.

Margo Day, Microsoft’s Vice President of US Education, with Surface RT educators will enjoy the best of both tablets and laptop computers.

Apart from helping education, Microsoft may also be cutting prices in an attempt to compete with more low-priced mobile PCs. Surface RT is still trying to find its place on the market and a big discount may be exactly what it needs.