Bonus cloud storage only available for students


Microsoft Surprises Students with 10GB of SkyDrive Bonus Cloud Storage Space

Cloud platforms are predicted to become a main part of the future of modern technology. That is because memory capabilities on physical devices like smartphones, tablets, flash drives and CDs are too limited for the developing world in which we live in. Even though, some gadgets can store an amazing amount of files, consumers no longer rely on only one computer device. Cloud platforms, however, allow the storing and sharing of files among a large number of computers.

One of the main consumer groups that frequently uses cloud services are students. They often have to travel and to work on devices on and off campus. Cloud services make this easier by eliminating the need to constantly carry a portable drive with them.

Microsoft Store Apparently, Microsoft is well-aware of that fact, since it recently announced that it will give bonus cloud storage space on its platform SkyDrive for the students who use it.

Currently, SkyDrive offers one of the biggest free cloud storage options. The clients of this service have the right to use 7GB of space for free. Similar to other such platforms, an additional storage expansion requires a payment.

However, for one year, students will receive an extra 3GB or a total of 10GB of free SkyDrive storage space. In that way, students will have the opportunity to store all of their projects, resources, books, pictures and many more. Also, the service can be accessed via desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices no matter whether you are online or not.

In order to active the bonus storage, students need to have a valid .edu email address. These addresses are provided by universities, colleges to both staffs and students. Those who have such an email account can enter its address on Microsoft special website SkyDrive for Students and that will automatically add the 3GB to their existing SkyDrive account. Students can do that by the end of 2013.

In addition, even if the student does not use Windows Phone devices, he or she would be able to sign in SkyDrive from their Android or iOS smart gadget.

It seems that cloud services will continue to grow and offer users even more advantages.