Samsung Accidentally? Confirms Galaxy S4 Mini


Samsung is gearing up for yet another big release event and Galaxy S4 Mini suddenly becomes the talk of the day. Only three months after the South Korean manufacturer introduced its flagship smartphone Galaxy S4, the company is preparing to strike again.

New Samsung Event

Samsung announced the big news on the UK version of its website and through press invites. As always the technology giant remains mysterious and cryptic about the products it will unveil. The announcement only reveals that the name of the event is “Samsung Premiere 2013.” In addition, the words “Galaxy and ATIV” hint that the company will introduce devices powered by Android and Windows. That is because Galaxy products are reserved for Google’s operating system. ATIV, on the other hand, is Samsung’s line of tablet/hybrids and smartphones which run on Microsoft’s Windows 8.

Samsung has included three pictures to its invites. The first of them seems to show a smartphone, while the second – a tablet PC. The last one, however, is a real mystery since it does not look like anything familiar.

Which are the new releases?

After such announcement, the time is ripe for predictions. It is not yet clear which Galaxy devices will appear at “Samsung Premium 2013” but the biggest suspects here are Galaxy Zoon, Galaxy Camera, Galaxy S4 Active and Galaxy S4 mini. It is known that Samsung has been working on new updated versions of its S4 so probably that will be the focus of the event.

Interestingly, the South Korean company nearly confirmed the unveiling of S4 mini. It listed the device on its Samsung Apps catalogue. There, it published a picture of a white smartphone device dubbed Galaxy S4 mini GT-9195. Clear enough, isn’t it? Nevertheless, not long after that, Samsung took down the image.

It is rumoured that the Galaxy S4 Mini will come with a 4.3” screen and a qHD resolution. In addition, it may feature an 8MP camera and a 1.6GHz processor.

Also, even though there is a lot of buzz around Galaxy Note 3, it is rather unlikely to see this product at Samsung’s event. That is due to the fact that Galaxy Note devices traditionally get a fall release.

What about the Windows products? That is a question with a hazy answer. Despite that Samsung leaked an image of a laptop called ATIV Book 6, the upcoming event is organized by Samsung Mobile which focuses on tablets and smartphones. Therefore, Samsung may pull something else out of its sleeve. Probably the company will unveil a Windows Phone 8 smartphone or a Windows 8 tablet PC powered by Haswell. One thing is certain – Samsung will not introduce a Windows RT product since it already announced that it not planning to work with this operating system for now.

Perfect Timing

The “Samsung Premium 2013” event will be held on June 20. This date is no accident. Apple’s annual conference for developers WWDC will take place a week earlier. Microsoft will too organize its developer conference BUILD around that time. In other words, Samsung is not willing to give the spot light to anyone else.

It appears that the company will try to prolong and hold on to its momentum. A few days ago it was announced that the South Korean technology giant managed to score record sales during the first quarter of the year. The company’s Galaxy S4 enjoyed sales of over 10 million units. In addition, Samsung kept its crown on the Chinese market where it managed to sell 12.5 million units during the first three months of 2013. As a result, the company’s market share in China jumped with 2.2% from the previous quarter, reaching 18.5%. In comparison, Apple sold 6.1 million units of its iPhones in the Asian country.

“Samsung Premium 2013” will take place on June 20th (Thursday), at the Earls Court exhibition center in London. The event will also be broadcasted live on YouTube starting 6p.m. London time.