Microsoft’s Next-Gen Xbox to be More Than a Console


Various reports point that there is a huge decline on the technology gaming market. This made many users believe that the death of gaming consoles, like PlayStaion and Xbox, will soon become a fact. Microsoft seems to have taken a note on that since its next Xbox may be more than a gaming device.

The technology giant will unveil its latest console tonight. The company managed to keep most of the details on the new Xbox a secret. A few hours ago, however, part of the heavy curtain was lifted as Microsoft announced that its upcoming console will also focus on digital TV content.

As a start, the company will make The Music Room TV series available through its Xbox LIVE Gold subscription. The show will include music performances. In addition, it will allow Xbox users to choose the ending of the show. This will happen through real-time polls.

That will certainly open a brand new chapter not only for Microsoft’s Xbox but for the gaming industry in general. Just like mobile phones, consoles may become multifunctional devices.

Also, Digitimes revealed that the components for the next console are now being shipped. If that is true, the console will definitely be ready by the fourth quarter of 2013. The website also informs that the optical drives of the new-generation Xbox will be provided by Lite-On IT and the lenses will be manufactured by Asia Optical Newmax. The consoles will be produced by Foxconn. The company has also worked on projects by Sony and Apple.

All that sounds really impressive! However, a few hours ago, Microsoft Games Studios’ ex creative director Peter Molyneux shared that the new Xbox will be less revolutionary compared to its predecessor 360. Still Molyneux added that the console will stand out with its refreshed and powerful hardware.

Interestingly, according to the formal creative director of Microsoft Games Studios, the company does not see other console manufacturers like Sony and Nintendo, as a threat. Peter Molyneux informs that more challenging are actually smartphone and tablet producers, including Apple, Samsung and Google. Therefore, it is no wonder that Microsoft is making the device more diverse and multifunctional than ever.

Molyneux also hinted that the console will come at a very reasonable price. According to him, the next Xbox will be set around $300.


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