Windows Phone Outpaced Blackberry in Q1


Microsoft’s Windows Phone Left BlackBerry Slim Chance in the Smartphone War

Even though many believed that Microsoft’s operating system cannot make a significant progress on the smartphone market, the Windows Phone proved them wrong. The device has finally succeeded in snatching the third position from BlackBerry in terms of sales.

A new Q1 report published by IDC states that Microsoft sold 7 million Windows Phones. That is an impressive rise compared to only one year ago. During the first quarter of 2012, the operating system registered 3 million shipments. Its share back then was equal to 2% and now it reached 3.2%.

BlackBerry, on the other hand, saw a drop despite its new strategy and product upgrades. In Q1 2012, the OS saw 9.7 million shipments and a share of 6.4%. One year, later, however, these numbers fell to just 6.3 million shipments and a 2.9% share.

Moreover, the report informs that Windows Phone had the biggest rise last quarter. According to the research, that was mainly thanks to Nokia. The phone manufacturer is responsible for 70% of all the shipments of Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

Although there is a change in the third and fourth places in the smartphone competition, the first two spots remain stable. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android continue to rule the smartphone market. The research informs that Android reached more than 162 million shipments in Q1 2013. That means that Google’s mobile OS has registered a jump of about 70 million shipments which was enough to increase its share with around 15%.

Things are very interesting with Apple’s iOS. Even though the operating system saw a 2-million rise in its shipments, its market share decreased. From 23%, iOS’ share dropped to 17.3%.

Both Microsoft and BlackBerry are trying their best to take Apple and Google off their throne. The two companies have shown that they are not afraid to make major changes in their strategies. In the beginning of 2011, for example, Microsoft announced its partnership with Finnish company Nokia, which apparently is giving results. BlackBerry, on the other hand, introduced a number of new products, including smartphones and its operating system BlackBerry 10. In addition, it even changed its name and hired singer Alicia Keys as its global creative director.

Nevertheless, the report explains that Microsoft and BlackBerry will need to do something radical if they truly want to challenge Apple and Google. Also, the research informs that the battle for the third place in the smartphone war is still not over. That was due to the narrow margin between Windows Phone and BlackBerry.