Eating Out with Small Children – Survival Tips


Eating out with small children may seem like a good idea but it can easily turn into a nightmare. That is because kids get bored quickly and they are not used to stay seated for too long. The majority young children are very energetic, moody and unpredictable. Among the most common scenarios when it comes to kids and eating out involve drink spilling, food throwing, tantrums and a good amount of innocent mischiefs. Therefore, you need to be prepared when you go with them to a restaurant. Remember to always have a plan and to follow these simple survival tips:

Try Pre-Dining

Kids are not like adults. They are rarely in a mood for eating. You make take them to the fanciest restaurant and order them the tastiest dish and they may still refuse to even try it. As a result, many parents spend nearly most of their time in attempts to feed their kids. If your child has similar habits, you can try feeding them before you go out. In that way, you will not worry about your kid staying hungry but enjoy your meal in peace.

Bring Their Favorite Items

Children get attached to objects like toys and blankets, for instance. When your child has a favourite item, it is better to take it to the restaurant. That will keep your kid happy at least for a while.

Arrive Early

The earlier you arrive, the less people there will be in the restaurant, the more attention you will receive from your waiter and the faster you will be served. As you may already know, kids are not fans of waiting.

Take Care of the Bill as Soon as Possible

Don’t forget to ask for the bill when they bring you the food. That will allow you to leave the restaurant at any moment. This is often necessary with young kids around.

Keep them Occupied

Find way to keep them busy. For instance, you can give them your phone so that they can play games. Also, if there is an interesting object or attraction in the restaurant, like an aquarium or a decorative waterfall, trying sitting on a table that is close to it. In that way the kids will be able to visually explore them.

Team Work

It is not recommendable only one of the adults to deal with the child’s needs when you are in a restaurant. That will only isolate the child’s tender from the group and make him or her appear like a bad cop to the kid. Instead, come up with a joint strategy. That will be much more effective.

Desperate Measures

These include negotiating, bribery and threats. Avoid using any of the above listed methods with your children. This will only encourage them to start applying them themselves.

Try following these tips the next time you decide to take your kids to a restaurant. They can help you have a more pleasant family memory.


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