Next Xbox Might be Called “Infinity”


Microsoft will introduce its next Xbox gaming console in less than a month from today, on May 21st. Many consumers and tech geeks are already curious about what the next-generation console will offer. One of the biggest mysteries about the device is… its name. The prototype name of the product is Durango. However, the majority of users have suggested that Microsoft will call its newest Xbox “720.” Nevertheless, latest leaks on the console suggest otherwise.

Quite recently, a strange image made its way to the web. The original source of the picture is unknown since it was shared on numerous social websites. Despite that it may be revealing the product’s name – Xbox Infinity. The image shows the mathematical symbol for infinity. In addition, it uses the slogan “Infinite entertainment. Infinite possibilities.” Right under it is a hashtag #XboxInfinity. Pretty loud and clear, isn’t it!

Also, the website Polygon reported that it has received information on some of Xbox’s main functions. According to the site, the details came from sources inside Microsoft. These secret insiders have shared that the next-generation Xbox will impress with innovative hardware, as well as a few social features.

One of the functions of the new Xbox, reported by Polygon, is its ability to make ongoing recording of gameplay. This function is said to be similar to that used by DVRs or modern TVs. It will simply record the gameplay automatically and allow users to rewind the action and watch it again whenever they need to.

Moreover, gamers will have the option to share the recording on their social media profiles in an easy and simple way. In addition, Microsoft Corp.’s newest console will go into recording mode when a player achieves and impressive result or action.

The sources of the website confirm the rumours of always-on Internet connection requirement. However, they also state that the company will not only use it to recognize pirate products and software, but to also popularize its new non-gaming applications which focus on entertainment, including services for video streaming. In other words, the next-generation Xbox will be more than a gaming console.

Another detail on the upcoming Xbox is that it will allow publishers and developers to add new achievements to a particular game after its launch without having to include DLC.

The insiders also inform that Microsoft will make some modifications to its Xbox LIVE service by making it more social. Similar to social websites, Xbox LIVE will no longer limit the number of friends a user can add to the platform. In addition, Xbox LIVE friendships will be one-way and not only two-way. Users will have the option to follow the activity of other users without adding them as friends.

Microsoft did comment on the news, but it only said that it will reveal whether they are true or false on May 21.