Microsoft Scores Record Revenue Despite PC Market Decline

Just when everyone thought that Microsoft’s days were counted, the giant proved that it still has a potential to surprise. The company announced record revenue for its Q3 FY2013. Microsoft’s earnings for the last three months amount to $20.49 billion. In addition, the company scored earnings per share of $0.72.

The reason why this is so surprising is that over the last two weeks, various reports and analysts claimed that the PC sales have greatly declined due to the rise of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. It was reported that the PC market saw a decrease by 14%. Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 8 was announced as one of the reasons that have led to this trend.

According to the giant’s CEO, Steve Ballmer, the record profits come from the innovative cloud services offered by the company. Among them he listed Xbox LIVE, Office 365, Skype and Windows Azure. Ballmer agrees that Microsoft will need to work more. However, he adds that the company has an optimistic view on the future thanks to its Windows-based devices.

Microsoft’s Entertainments and Services department registered the biggest growth for the quarter (56%). After it, are the giant’s Windows department with (23%) followed by Online Services (18%), Server & Tools (11%) and Microsoft Business (8%).

In addition, Microsoft shared some big news with the world. The first of them is that despite the high revenue, the company’s Chief Financial Officer Peter Klein will leave the Microsoft this summer. The software giant shared that it will announced the name of its next CFO in only a few weeks.

The second news is that Microsoft Corp. confirmed the rumours that it will produce smaller-sized tablets with Windows 8. Speculations that the company is working on Windows 8 devices smaller than 10 inches started circulating a few days ago. Despite that, the giant refused to give any comments at first.

Apparently, Microsoft has changed its mind since it shared quite a lot of details on the devices. The company’s CFO Klein informed that the new W8 devices will be introduced in just a few months. Also, he stated that they will be cheaper than their bigger versions.