Votes for Dubai to host World Dermatology Congress in 2019

250 Million AED is the Amount of Business Deals Achieved at Dubai DERMA

Ongoing Votes for Dubai to host the World Dermatology Congress in 2019

1701_1The thirteenth edition of the Dubai DERMA Conference and Exhibition concluded today after three days of tremendous success marked by 10,000 visitors and participants. The organizers of Dubai DERMA assured that they are pleased with their participation this year and already reserved their space for next year.

Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani, Executive Chairman of Dubai DERMA Conference and Exhibition: “the number of business deals during the past three days has reached 250 million AED. Cosmetic and medical equipment companies benefit greatly through their participation in Dubai DERMA, especially with the increasing number of participants and visitors who came to buy machines to equip their medical centers and spas.

The scientific committee for Dubai DERMA announced today the recommendations for the thirteenth edition of the Dubai DERMA Conference. Dr. Ibrahim Galadari, Chairman of the Dubai Derma Conference and Professor of Dermatology at the UAE University announced:

The scientific committee suggested increasing the days of the Dubai DERMA Conference so it would become five days instead of four next year. Moreover, increasing the number of halls in order to accommodate the increasing number of dermatologists attending from the Middle East Region.

Enhance the relationship between the Dubai DERMA scientific committee and additional universities; furthermore, an agreement was signed with the University of Rome presented by Prof. Trolly Dotty in order to support the conference academically.

Increase the number of hands-on workshops.

In order to enhance the role of medical censorship cosmetic surgeries, laser treatments and fillers must be done in clinics and not in beauty salons or cosmetic centers.

Raise awareness among the community around the latest beauty techniques and the importance of reporting medical problems and notify concerned authorities or doctors in case of complaints.

The conference also covered the biological treatments for psoriasis and vitiligo to raise awareness amongst patients about the biological treatments under medical supervision.

Assure that all laser treatments are done under special medical supervision and licensing, especially that these treatments are performed without these requirements.

The scientific committee extended their gratitude to participants for supporting this event. Dubai DERMA has become an excellent platform for exhibitors to present the latest in the world of dermatology and cosmetic surgery.

Expanding the size of the exhibition halls next year in order to cater to all the national and international cosmetic companies who are interested to participate this year.

Moreover, Dubai DERMA became a milestone event in the Middle East Region and competes with similar events in Europe and the US. The scientific committee support the Arab and GCC Leagues of Dermatology in their efforts to nominate Dubai to host the Dermatology World Congress in 2019.

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