Controversial or not, Justin Bieber will perform biggest ever concert in Dubai


Justin Bieber Bieber Fever Spreads in Dubai with Two Shows

During his Believe World Tour, the teenage pop-star Justin Bieber will gather his devoted fans for his debut performance in Dubai on May 4. Only a day later however, on May 5, an extra gig at the same venue will bring together another fan crowd, making the event the biggest concert yet to be staged in Dubai.

Loyal hordes of Belebers, as his fans call themselves, in the Middle East will rejoice. The show on May 4 was completely sold-out after tickets went on sale on September 23 last year and organizers decided to add a second date to the tour. What is considered to be an “epic” concert will be held at Dubai Rugby Sevens Stadium on May 4 and 5 which has a capacity of 25,000. The two shows will gather a total of 50,000 fans of the teenage pop star who will have the chance to see him live for the first time in the Middle East.

The famous teen who first burst to fame at the age of 13 with his debut single One Time, have become a world sensation and causes irrational Bieber Fever wherever he appears. At the age of 15, he became the first artist to have seven US Billboard hit singles form a single debut record. His impressive presence on social media made him millions of fans – 37 million only on Twitter, mostly among children and teenagers. Adored by millions, the super star is also savagely criticized for looking and sounding younger than his age, his teen pop music, androgynous appearance and frequent media attention.

He also became famous with his controversial relationship with the paparazzi and his according to some, scandalous for a teenager behavior. It seems all kinds of accidents have been following Beiber everywhere he goes. During his current world tour, on his way back to Los Angeles, the singer left his pet monkey with customs officials at the airport in Munich after failing to deliver the proper paperwork. In addition, he was two hours late for his London concert, and caught swearing at a paparazzi photographer. The latest scandal broke through when he and his entourage visited Anne Frank House in Amsterdam on Friday night. According to the mass media and mostly repeated by his critics, Justin Bieber hopes Anne Frank would have been a Belieber, if she was alive, of course.

Controversial or not, Bieber is coming to Dubai on May 4 and 5, with tickets for the second show already gone for sale at prices starting at AED350. The fan pit ticket includes unlimited soft drinks, and a chance to win a Meet & Greet with Justin Bieber.


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