Apple’s Next iPhone May Hit the Stores This Summer


Apple Inc. will soon start the production of its next iPhone and will be ready to release it in the summer of 2013. This news was reported by the American press which received the information from company insiders.

According to the media report, Apple will begin the iPhone production sometime during the April – June period. If that is true, the device may be indeed release in the summer.

Although reports do not mention anything about the smartphone’s software features, some suggest that the new iPhone will come in size and shape similar to that of iPhone 5 and it will offer better camera and the new Apple mobile operating system iOS 7.

Nevertheless, latest rumours suggest otherwise. This Tuesday, Apple blogger John Gruber stated that the work on iOS 7 is going behind schedule. As a result, the company even pulled its engineers from the OS X 10.9 project and focused all of its capacity on the seventh generation of iOS. However, the next iOS is highly anticipated by consumers since there is a new brain behind its design – Sir Jonathan Ive. Ive is predicted to give iOS a more minimalistic look compared to the previous versions of Apple’s operating system.

In addition, new details around Apple’s low-cost iPhone are emerging. The information comes from the Wall Street Journal which claims that the company has joined forces with Asian manufacturers to produce the budget-friendly iPhone. The device will probably have a low-end casing and various colour shells. Also, the affordable iPhone is reported to have a 4-inch display like the one used on the 4S model of the phone. It is expected that Apple will release the device in the second half of 2013.

The name of the next two iPhones is still a mystery, but it is suggested that they will be called iPhone 5S or iPhone 6.

During the past six months, Apple deals with a lot of pressure from investors. The company has a new CEO and it rivals with a competitions which continues to drop the prices of its products. In addition, the giant is not doing well on the stock market. Shares fell by nearly $300 in half year time.