10 Ideas for Spring Break Activities for Kids


The spring is here which means that children will soon get to enjoy some break from school. Often, kids do now know how to spend their school-free days and they end up feeling bored or doing various mischiefs. To avoid that, parents need to come up with interesting spring break activities that will hold the attention of their children for at least a few hours. If you are too busy working, you may not find the time or the inspiration for that. That is why we came up with a simple and fun list of spring break activities for kids which you can use.

  • Outdoor Games – The good thing about spring is that the weather is warmer and sunnier. That means that kids can enjoy some traditional outdoor activities and games. Playing outside is much healthier for children than playing on the computer or the Xbox at home.
  • Board Games – Unfortunately, apart from warm weather and sunny days, the spring comes with lots of rain and wind. There will be days in which kids will not be able to go out. To keep them active and happy, you can try playing some board games with them. Luckily, the choice here is rich and you will be able to find games on any subject and of any genre.
  • Family Trip – Parents, who are not going to work during the spring break, can organize a small family trip. Pack your bags and head to some nice spot. It does not have to be a foreign country or an expensive resort. You can simply visit some town, village or attraction in the nearby area. If you live in Dubai, Jebel Ali or Sharjah’s cultural spots might be interesting.
  • Sleepovers – Kids love sleepovers. That is because they can play with their friends all evening long, watch movies together and etc. So organize a sleepover for your children. It will be a rough evening and night, but you will survive it. If you are worried that you won’t be able to keep an eye on all of the kids, invite some of their parents to join you and give you a hand.
  • Crafting – Activities like painting and crafting will keep your children busy for hours. Therefore, it will be a good idea to buy them some paint and brushes or colouring pencils. Also, they are special crafting kits which you can purchase. With them, your kids can make painting and other art projects.
  • Movie Marathons – This is not the healthiest suggestion for a spring break activity, but it is perfect for days when you can’t come up with anything more inventive. Select theme, like Disney films or movies with animals, and rent a few on du or any other TV network.
  • Picnic/Camp-Out – These are probably one of the most interesting ideas on the list. Kids will have a great time in the nature or even in the park. Also, you can use these activities to try to teach them more about animals, plants, geography and many others.
  • Volunteer Activities – An unusual, but really educating activity. If you want your child to learn to be more helpful, understanding and kind, you can sign together in some volunteer programs. These are available in many nursing homes and charity organizations. Just ask!
  • Library Afternoons – You can use the spring break days to create a reading habit in your kid. In today’s world, children often prefer computers than books. By taking them to the library, you will show them a brand new world.
  • Spring Break Course – Yes, we are aware that the spring break is for resting and playing. However, it can also be used for gaining additional knowledge and skills. Sign your kid in to a spring Break activities like dance class, or a language school… whatever you think your child would be interested in. Nevertheless, avoid sending your kids to intensive courses. Otherwise, they will be too tired when they return to school and that could reflect in their performance.


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