Apple has a secret office in Abu Dhabi, sources claim


Apple Inc. has secretly opened an office in Abu Dhabi, some sources suggest. What is more, the technology giant is currently recruiting new staff from the region, according to a number of reporters.

This information was first revealed in a research conducted by Knight Frank, an independent global residential and commercial property consultancy. The London-based company published a study called “Abu Dhabi Offices: Market Update”. In it, Knight Frank offers statistics, news and findings about the corporate offices in Abu Dhabi. The research reveals that Apple is a “major occupier” in the city’s twofour54 media zone. This is a tax-free media and entertainment free zone, where are also located the regional offices of BBC, CNN, Bloomberg, Ubisoft and Financial Times.

Moreover, the study focuses on the second half of 2012, which means that Apple’s office has been around for some time. This partly confirms some 2010 rumours which claimed that Apple had a corporate office in Abu Dhabi. The company has already mentioned that it has a training center in UAE’s capital, but it has never said a word concerning a corporate office. In September 2012, received a tip from a company insider that Apple is planning to open a retail outlet in Dubai, at the Dubai Mall.

The news about the giant’s secret office in the UAE was further fueled by Al Arabia. The network also stated that Apple has opened an office Abu Dhabi. In addition, Al Arabiya contacted a spokesman of the company, who confirmed the information. However, the spokesperson did not wish to share any details on the office’s activities and purposes.

What is even more interesting is that Apple is presently recruiting staff for its Abu Dhabi office. The company has listed six different Abu Dhabi-based job positions on its official website. Most of them are for functions that deal with sales and only one of them is for legal matters. The adverts were published over the last one month and offer details for the job positions. However, it does not say anything about salaries.

Six IT jobs do not require a huge corporate office, but rather a small to medium-sized one. Maybe more jobs are planned for the future, depending on the size of operations the company plans.

The latest position that Apple posted is Telecom Carrier Manager for the Middle East region. Part of the responsibilities for this job is handling Apple branding stores and managing sales of handsets through telecom partners.

The technology giant is also searching for a Telecom Channel Account Manager for the Middle East region. According to the advert, the position includes authorizing and evaluating retailer locations.

Also, the Abu Dhabi secret office of Apple is recruiting a Sales Engineer who will have the task to showcase the company’s products like iPhones, iPads and Macs. On the search list is also a Premium Reseller who will have to develop a strong relationship with the company’s partners and find new in the ME region.

Another position offered by Apple is a Senior Investigator for the company’s Intellectual Property unit. This is the only job that has functions different than sales. Candidates for this position will need to be familiar with laws on intellectual property not only in the Middle East, but also in India.

Among the Abu Dhabi job positions mentioned on Apple’s website are also a Telecom Account Manager which will deal with the African region.

The last two job positions point that Apple’s Abu Dhabi-based office does not handle only the regional market, but parts of those in Africa and Asia. The question is why did Apple remain mum about its Abu Dhabi corporate office for so long?